Governor Olusegun  Adebayo Oni (Segun Oni)

Governor Olusegun Adebayo Oni (Segun Oni)

Former Governor of Ekiti State

Date of Birth: 05/09/1954
Place of Birth: Ifaki, Ekiti

Education: Methodist School, Ilogbe and Ifaki, 1959-64; Chemical Engineering, Ife, 1976-79; National Youth Service, National Steel Development Authority, Ajaokuta, 1979-80.

Career: Chemical Engineer II, Planning Division, 1981-87; Treasurer, Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, 1986-88; Technical Support Manager, Rank Xerox Nigeria Ltd, 1987-92; Regional Sales Manager, Western Region, Rank  Xerox Nigeria Ltd, 1992; Customer Service Operations Manager, Kenya, Rank Xerox, 1992-1997; General Manager, Systems Business, 1997; Governor, Ekiti State, 2007-08 and 2009 to date.

Commentary: In 2008, Oni lost his seat as Ekiti State Governor when an appeals court asked for a rerun. The rerun, held in 2009, was marred by allegations that the election official, Mrs Ayoka Acdebayo, had been bribed to declare results she did not believe in. Oni was sworn in again in 2009. After a judgement from the Court of Appeal, he was removed from office and Kayode Fayemi was sworn in as the Governor of Ekiti State, having fought for four years in the courts to win the governorship stolen from him by Oni. 

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