Lt General Luka Nyeh Yusuf

Former Chief of Army Staff

Place of Birth: Bara Kagoma

Career: Commissioned, Nigerian Army Corps, Artillery, 1975; Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL); Chief of Army Staff, 2007-08.

Commentary: In February 2008 Yusuf was made to retire from the Army after a scandal involving the sale to militants of arms from the Army Central Command Depot, Kaduna armory which was under his command. These guns were then used to kill soldiers. Yusuf had resisted attempts to get him to step aside, but later conceded when the Army Council okayed the retirement.  In June of 2009 Yusuf died at the age of 56, in London, after a long illness.

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Vol 49 N0 17


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Displaying 1-2 out of 2 results.