Mr Chris Nwabueze Ngige

Mr Chris Nwabueze Ngige

Former Governor of Anambra State (2003-06)

Date of Birth: 08/07/1952
Place of Birth: Alor, Idemili South

Education: University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Career: Medical Officer, National Assembly Clinic, 1980-82; Physician to the Senate, 1983; Physician of Senate House/Federal Government Special Guest House, 1985-93; Consultant in charge, Federal Government State Clinic, the Presidency, Abuja, 1992-93; Consultant and Assistant Director, Federal Medical Centre, Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja, 1997-98; Member of the ministerial task force on the completion of the University of Nigeria Hospital (UNTH), Enugu State, 1996-98; Governor, Anambra State, 2003-06.

Commentary: Ngige's governorship of Anambra State, in the Igbo dominated South East, was marred by a dispute with his political 'godfather' Chris Uba. In 2003, Uba’s political leverage was such that he could openly brag that he had rigged every election in the state, including that of Ngige. Ngige, he said, had agreed to hand him de facto control of the government, but reneged on the deal. Uba kidnapped him, forced him to ‘resign’ at gunpoint and attacked and destroyed part of Government House. Uba denied any direct involvement in the violence and claimed that all he did was implement the terms of his written contract with the Governor. It entitled him to ‘exact vengeance in such manner adjudged by him as fitting and adequate’, should the Governor fail to hand over control.

In 2006, Ngige was replaced by Peter Obi. He remains active in Anambra politics and was an Action Congress candidate for the February 2010 state elections.


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