Faisal Ali Warabe

Faisal Ali Warabe

Leader of the Justice and Welfare Party

Date of Birth: 1948
Place of Birth: Hargeisa

Faisal Ali Warabe, leader of the second opposition party, the Justice and Welfare Party (UCID), has no political baggage from ex-President Mohamed Siad Barre's regime. This has worked in his favour and he has cultivated a successful, if relatively low key, media profile. Popularity remains second to clan links in Somaliland and Faisal's own Eidigalla/Isaaq is smaller than the Habr Jaalo.

Much will depend upon the inroads Faisal has made into Habr Awal support. This is the clan of former President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal and has tended to support the UDUB as the party of government. Faisal formed UCID in 2001. It came third in the 2003 elections, with only 16% of votes.

Since then, the UCID has won 21 of 82 parliamentary seats and with the Kulmiye party in some disarray and increasing concern over President Dahir Riyale's commitment to democracy, Faisal's comparative youth - in his fifties - and his relatively clean political image could even carry the day.

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Vol 54 N0 3


The recognition blues

Nevertheless, despite some pre-poll rumblings about rejection of the results by former UCID presidential candidate Faisal Ali Warabe they were largely accepted...

Vol 51 N0 14


We’re here to be recognised

This time Silanyo took just under 50% of the vote, and Riyale’s United People’s Democratic Party (UDUB) 33% (with 18% for Faisal Ali Warabe’s Justice and Welfare Party)...

Vol 51 N0 3


Third time lucky

The two opposition parties, Kulmiye and Faisal Ali Warabe’s Party for Justice and Development (UCID), have accused Riyale and UDUB of conspiring to delay polls further...

Vol 50 N0 18


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Vol 44 N0 10


Count and discount

Silanyo and the third place contender, Faisal Ali Warabe of Ucid (the Justice and Welfare Party), reject this judgment...

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