Population: 0.092 mn.
GDP: 1.1 bn.
Debt: 1.7 bn.

President James Michel's government plans an offshore financial centre to complement the flourishing tourism sector, which is now attracting more interest from Asia. The Seychelles National Party is calling for electoral reforms that would benefit smaller political parties. 

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  • Vol 44 No 19
  •  26th September 2003

Murder in paradise

Worsening human rights abuses, including the apparent murder of an opposition leader's sister-in-law, have brought a threat from the European Parliament's Development Commission to suspend aid. The Commission, led by Sweden's Anders Wijkman, plans to tabl...

  • Vol 43 No 25
  •  20th December 2002

Of ranch and rupees

In the 6 December legislative election, President France-Albert René's Seychelles People's Progressive Front polled just one per cent above the two-thirds majority needed to change the constitution and seek another term. René seized power in...

  • Vol 42 No 18
  •  14th September 2001

By a whisker

President René's narrow victory showed that change is in the air

  • Vol 42 No 18
  •  14th September 2001

Of tuna and tourists

When supermarkets run out of imported toilet paper and shoppers fight for the last disposable nappies, there's a problem - in Seychelles, if not in most African countries. And when your head of state, seeking re-election, admits times are tough and will g...

  • Vol 39 No 3
  •  6th February 1998

Rene´ Inc.

The new political generation believe they can take radical economic change in their stride

  • Vol 38 No 2
  •  17th January 1997

High rollers roll low

A foreign capital free-for-all won't be enough to rescue the economy

Displaying 1-6 out of 6 results.