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Population: 1.27 mn.
GDP: $3.84 bn.
Debt: $0.46 bn.

Absolute monarch King Mswati III is set to step up political repression as his subjects face a weakening economy and worsening poverty. Activists will have plenty to campaign about including the trials of leading oppositionists Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini, which will come under close scrutiny, regionally and internationally.

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'Failed feudal state'

The widely discredited 20 September election saw pro-royal politicians take nearly all 55 parliamentary seats. Traditional chiefs loyal to King Mswati III had vetted all the candid...

New name, same game

Inspired by a vision from God, King Mswati III has declared his country a ‘monarchical democracy’. This will make it clear to the international community that Swaziland...

Mswati’s private party

The tiny kingdom is in a deep economic crisis but the ruling monarch is determined to party on regardless

The arrival of a new private jet for King Mswati III has brought fresh turbulence to the virtually bankrupt country. The future is more uncertain than ever now that Swaziland has p...

Economy faces royal crisis

Social unrest has been strong but not revolutionary. Could the cash shortage achieve what campaigners could not?

Swaziland is resorting to desperate measures to meet its public sector payments amid fiscal problems that the International Monetary Fund warns have reached a 'critical stage'. Afr...

Uprising put down

The 12 April ‘uprising’ was heavily advertised so it was no surprise that the security forces outnumbered any who dared to go out on to the streets to protest. Riot police used wat...

The King's budget

Swaziland is suffering a severe economic crisis and the monarchy looks ill-equipped to survive it

While rebellion has spread only within North Africa and the Middle East so far, monarchies all over the world fear the worst and Swaziland’s has more reasons than most to fear ...

Mswati III

King of Swaziland

Of Taiwan's four African allies, the staunchest has been Swaziland. At independence from Britain in 1968, King Sobhuza II declared allegiance to Taipei. Despite China's rise in ...

Democracy's a luxury

The economy is failing and running out of food as King Mswati buys a $500,000 limousine

Swaziland has become synonymous with royal extravagance, in an absolute monarchy whose sovereigns have long resisted local and international pressure for democracy. The ruling clas...

King and pawns

Absolute monarchy may be benign but donors and neighbours don't like it

One of Africa's most traditional states may be in for the shock of a modern constitution. As pressure for change builds up both at home and abroad, a committee headed by Prince Dav...

High price of kingship

Politics get complicated when an absolute monarch changes his mind

King Mswati III vies for the title of Africa's last absolute monarch with Mohammed VI of Morocco. Mswati is the more absolutist but his standing is falling so fast that some say th...

Displaying 1-10 out of 15 results.