Ibrahim Ben Kargbo
Sierra Leone

Ibrahim Ben Kargbo

Minister of Information & Broadcasting

Date of Birth: 18/10/1944
Place of Birth: Makeni, Bombali District

Education: BA Education, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, 1969; Diploma in Journalism, John New Homes School of Journalism, 1979.

Career: Various teaching positions, St. Andrew's Secondary School, 1969-73; Headteacher, Schlenker Secondary School, 1973-79; Assistant Editor, The Tablet, 1979-81; Co-Editor, The Flash Newspaper, 1981-82; Managing Editor, New Citizen Newspaper, 1982-2007; Director, National Diamond Mining Company; MP representing the Press, Sierra Leone, 1985-90; President of Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, 2004-07; Minister of Information and Communication, Government of Sierra Leone, 2007-present.

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Vol 54 N0 4


Loyalty rewarded

Out goes Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, previously considered a powerful APC apparatchik, from Information and Communications...

Vol 53 N0 20


Sam stays on the ticket

The powerful Information Minister, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, who is known to be a critic of Sam-Sumana inside the APC, justified keeping him on the grounds that he is Muslim while Koroma is Christian...

Vol 53 N0 16


Vice-President in loan row

On 23 July, the powerful Minister of Information, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, issued a statement accusing Heiligman of being unbalanced and stating that the President had never met him or Kloeber, let alone entered into any transaction with them...

Vol 50 N0 20


A family business

The Information and Broadcasting Minister, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, hails (like the President) from Makeni township and is the government kingpin; he said it was politically expedient to favour the regions and ethnic groups which voted for the All People's Congress...

Vol 50 N0 5


Shake-up in Freetown

Newspaper Editor Ibrahim Kargbo stays at Information and Communications, including a parcel of mobile telephone contracts and visits to China, as well as managing the state's press information...

Vol 39 N0 18


Rebels and revenge

They include the radio presenter Hilton Fyle (once host of the BBC World Service’s ‘Network Africa’), the former Director of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service, Gipu Felix George, the lawyer Edward Akar, the veteran former All People’s Congress politician Victor Foh and Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, Editor of the independent New Citizen...

Displaying 1-6 out of 6 results.