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Sierra Leone

Ibrahim Ben Kargbo (I.B. Kargbo)

Date of Birth: 18 October 1944
Place of Birth: Makeni, Bombali District

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Loyalty rewarded

Out goes Ibrahim Ben Kargbo previously considered a powerful APC apparatchik from Information and Communications...

Sam stays on the ticket

The powerful Information Minister Ibrahim Ben Kargbo who is known to be a critic of Sam-Sumana inside the APC justified keeping him on the grounds that he is Muslim while Koroma is Christian...

Vice-President in loan row

On 23 July the powerful Minister of Information Ibrahim Ben Kargbo issued a statement accusing Heiligman of being unbalanced and stating that the President had never met him or Kloeber let alone entered into any transaction with them...

A family business

The Information and Broadcasting Minister Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo hails (like the President) from Makeni township and is the government kingpin; he said it was politically expedient to favour the regions and ethnic groups which voted for the All People's Congress...

Shake-up in Freetown

Newspaper Editor Ibrahim Kargbo stays at Information and Communications including a parcel of mobile telephone contracts and visits to China as well as managing the state's press information...

Displaying 11-20 out of 25 results.