Obert Moses Mpofu

Obert Moses Mpofu

Minister of Mines

Date of Birth: 12/10/1951
Place of Birth: Southern Rhodesia

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Vol 55 N0 16


'Too rich to bribe'

His success is in part thanks to Roads Minister Obert Mpofu, a strong ally of Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa...

Vol 55 N0 15


Seized farms haunt ZANU-PF

These include Tara Farm, acquired by Agriculture Minister Joseph Mtakwese Made; Nyamanda Farm (Indigenisation Minister Francis Nhema, AC Vol 55 No 9, Scramble for the top); Nyamazura Farm (Chinamasa); Rise Holm Farm (ex-Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Herbert Murerwa, now Chairman, ZESA Holdings); Shigwiri Farm (Ignatius Chombo, Local Government); Young Farm (Obert Mpofu, Transport); and BW Farm (Walter Mzembi, Tourism)...

Vol 55 N0 7


Snakes on a plane

The new Transport Minister Obert Mpofu, the former Mines Minister who is a close ally of Mnangagwa, has been investigating several of the airline’s leasing contracts that he deems ruinously over-priced...

Vol 55 N0 6


State corruption complicates succession battles

Some of the company's top management are being detained pending trial and new Transport Minister Obert Mpofu has dissolved the airline's board of directors...

Vol 55 N0 5


Falling out with the Mugabes

Owing to the way the Cross Global partnership with ZMDC was handled – 'always at the top', said our source, meaning the then Mining Minister, Obert Mpofu – there has been speculation that Hsieh was fronting for the Mugabes in the mining venture, too...

Vol 54 N0 20


ZANU-PF expands its business empire

The fortunes of former Mines Minister Obert Mpofu rose sharply when he was responsible for the Marange portfolio, although he denies all wrongdoing...

Vol 54 N0 19


Mugabe shuffles the pack, again

Until then, the 'Big Five' will kick their heels in their reshuffled portfolios: Sydney Sekeramayi (Minister of Defence), Emmerson Mnangagwa (Justice), Obert Mpofu (Transport)...

Vol 54 N0 15


Rushing and cheating

First Mines Minister Obert Mpofu was called a thief and a liar over diamond revenue, then Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction was blamed for some controversial primaries and the crude role played by security officers in their rigging...

Vol 54 N0 14


Diamond votes

The Mines Committee report highlighted the stonewalling by Mines Minister Obert Mpofu over the Chiadzwa diamond operations...

Vol 54 N0 3


I chose the deputy

The substantial figure of Obert Mpofu, Minister of Mines, undoubtedly has the required weight but is handicapped by the fact that at the time of the Unity Accord he was already ZANU-PF, having abandoned ZAPU earlier...

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