Kembo Dugish Campbell Mohadi

Kembo Dugish Campbell Mohadi

Minister of Home Affairs (with Theresa Makone)

Date of Birth: 15/11/1949
Place of Birth: Beitbridge

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Vol 54 N0 19


Mugabe shuffles the pack, again

Kembo Mohadi stays as Minister of Home Affairs, the department in charge of the chaotic voter registration...

Vol 54 N0 3


I chose the deputy

Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi has the seniority but is not in good health and is a Venda, not a full Ndebele...

Vol 52 N0 6


The Speaker's chair

The MDC Co-Minister for Home Affairs, Theresa Makone, complains that Police Commissioner General Augustine Chiuri never consults her or Kembo Mohadi, her ZANU-PF counterpart, on such matters...

Vol 51 N0 25


The wiles of a crocodile, the memory of an elephant

Obert Mpofu (Mines Minister) in Matebeleland North and Kembo Mohadi (joint Home Affairs) in Matebeleland South are in the Mnangagwa camp but neither has the strength to carry a candidate with his historic baggage...

Vol 51 N0 18


Ghostly presences

The co-Minister of Home Affairs, Kembo Mohadi of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, is in charge of national monuments...

Vol 51 N0 15


What mattered was the football

Meanwhile, Didymus was working away outside the court, accompanied not by his ZANU-PF co-Minister of Home Affairs, Kembo Mohadi, but by his MDC co-Minister, Theresa Makone...

Vol 51 N0 13


Diplomacy by other means

Police Commissioner Chihuri reinforced Charamba’s attitude to the coalition by declaring that he recognises directions only from the President or the Attorney General; any orders from the MDC’s joint Home Affairs Minister, Giles Mutsekwa, would have to be countersigned by ZANU’s Kembo Mohadi but not vice-versa...

Vol 51 N0 4


A clash at the border

The co-ministers for Home Affairs, Kembo Mohadi (Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, ZANU-PF) and Giles Mutsekwa (Movement for Democratic Change, MDC) told a press conference on 8 February that the law would have to take its course and they could not intervene in the spat with Botswana...

Vol 50 N0 24


Faint heart never beat stout lady in the ruling party

The Mnangagwa slate for the four-member Praesidium was Mugabe for First Secretary (President, at national level), Oppah Muchinguri and John Nkomo for Second Secretaries (national Vice-Presidents) and Kembo Mohadi for party Chairman...

Vol 50 N0 18


Sodom and tomorrow

Another old ZAPU man once detained by Mugabe, Kembo Mohadi, now joint Home Affairs Minister, is not Ndebele but Venda, from the Beit Bridge area...

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