South Africa

Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (Msholozi)

President of South Africa (since 2009)

Date of Birth: 12/04/1942
Place of Birth: Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal Province

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Vol 55 N0 24


The succession war has begun

President Jacob Zuma had barely taken office last May before the first shots in the battle to succeed him were fired...

Vol 55 N0 23


Gloom settles on economy

Six months into President Jacob Zuma's last term of office, the economic forecasts are worsening...

Long-running battles on its Board are often blamed on Chairwoman Dudu Myeni, who is seen as a political untouchable because of her closeness to Zuma and his family and her status as Executive Chairwoman of the Jacob Zuma Foundation...

Ambitious and charismatic, she plays a key role as party bagman in strong-arming corporate donations to the Jacob Zuma Foundation and African National Congress bodies...

Vol 55 N0 23


Hard times for the revenue service

Often held up as a model tax organisation for developing countries under the leadership of Pravin Gordhan in 1999-2009, it is now the latest body to be caught in the multiple controversies swirling around President Jacob Zuma and the governing African National Congress (ANC)...

Vol 55 N0 22


Splinter injuries

Some have cast the battle as for or against President Jacob Zuma, with the ANC loyalist group led by Cosatu President Sidumo Dlamini and supported by the remaining Cosatu affiliates, including the National Union of Mineworkers, SA Democratic Teachers Union and National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union...

Vol 55 N0 21


Clash of the Titans

South African ex-President Thabo Mbeki and Nigerian ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo are working behind the scenes to try to reconcile Presidents Jacob Zuma and Goodluck Jonathan, Africa Confidential understands...

Vol 55 N0 20


DBSA moves centre stage

President Jacob Zuma had earmarked the former head of the South African Secret Service, Riaz 'Mo' Shaik, to run the planned subsidiary (AC Vol 53 No 14, Bank to bank)...

Vol 55 N0 20


Julius Malema in the dock

During a televised sitting of the House in August, Malema and his EFF MPs repeatedly called on President Jacob Zuma to 'pay back the money' spent on renovating his private residence in KwaZulu-Natal and which has set the aggravated public back more than US$23 million (AC Vol 55 No 17, Crunch time for the unions)...

Vol 55 N0 20


Gauteng challenge

Five months after the May general elections that returned President Jacob Zuma and the African National Congress to office, the provincial conference of the Gauteng ANC, which opened on 3 October, designated Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa heir apparent...

Vol 55 N0 19


Nuclear secrets

President Jacob Zuma spent a week in Russia in late August and met Russian President Vladimir Putin at his official residence at Novo-Ogarevo, just north of Moscow...

Vol 55 N0 18


Trouble in the neighbourhood

South African President Jacob Zuma escorted Thabane to Maseru under South African Police Service guard...

Displaying 1-10 out of 377 results.