Ahmed  Ouyahia

Ahmed Ouyahia

Prime Minister

Date of Birth: 02/07/1952
Place of Birth: Bouadnane, Kabylie

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Vol 56 N0 1


The long goodbye

The local press will continue to recycle talk of constitutional revisions – including the appointment of a vice-president – and a possible mid-term retirement that might allow a regime-approved civilian politician to take office, such as Presidential Office Director Ahmed Ouyahia, Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, reformist ex-Premier Mouloud Hamrouche or regular presidential candidate Ali Benflis...

Vol 55 N0 12


Adrift in dangerous waters

Younger establishment politicians such as Sellal and former Premier Ahmed Ouyahia are fighting for position...

Vol 54 N0 15


Leadership in limbo

The RND has parted from its long-time leader Ahmed Ouyahia, a former two-term Premier who is desperately trying to revive his political fortunes...

Vol 53 N0 23


No spring in the step

Nor is former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia the darling of the people, but he is likely to use his Rassemblement national démocratique – the second party of government – as his launch pad for a presidential bid...

Vol 53 N0 11


Bouncing the Spring

The next biggest winner was Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia’s Rassemblement national démocratique (RND), with 70 seats...

Vol 52 N0 25


Waiting for a breakthrough

The bigger presidential parties, the Front de liberation nationale (FLN) and Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia's Rassemblement national démocratique (RND), have more muscle in a political system where few believe major change is coming yet...

Vol 52 N0 19


No springtime in Algiers

The APN – dominated by the Alliance présidentielle of the FLN, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia’s RND and the ‘moderate Islamist’ Mouvement de la Société pour la Paix (MSP) – will probably rush them through, albeit with amendments to exclude the most unpalatable changes...

Vol 52 N0 8


Boutef holds back the wave

Parties in the ruling Alliance présidentielle – the Front de libération nationale, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia’s Rassemblement nationale démocratique and Bouguerra Soltani’s ‘moderate Islamist’ Mouvement de la société pour la paix – are said to be discussing options including a parliamentary system or ‘semi-presidential’ arrangement to devolve power in the still highly centralised state...

Vol 52 N0 3


Playing dominoes

Chatter has been widespread about a possible reshuffle that could remove the unpopular Prime Minister, Ahmed Ouyahia...

Vol 50 N0 8


Victory in a vacuum

Three major parties in the ruling Alliance Présidentielle (AP) of course supported Bouteflika: the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN), Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia’s Rassemblement National Démocratique (RND) and the Mouvement de la Société pour la Paix (Harakat Mujtamaa as-Silm, in Arabic, or MSP)...

Displaying 1-10 out of 38 results.