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  • Vol 54 No 3
  •  1st February 2013

The recognition blues

Elections make Somaliland more democratic but don’t make international recognition more likely or end a simmering row with Garowe

  • Vol 54 No 3
  •  1st February 2013

The Puntland problem

In March 2013 Puntland, the semi-autonomous region in the north-east of Somalia, will hold its first local elections using the Somaliland model (see Feature, The recognition blues). For now, Puntland is still committed to remaining part of the federal sta...

  • Vol 53 No 10
  •  11th May 2012


The Hong Kong oil company PetroTrans now looks unlikely to invest in the key port of Berbera after negotiators pressed too hard for formal recognition of Somaliland, we hear.

  • Vol 51 No 14
  •  9th July 2010

We’re here to be recognised

Decent elections, an orderly transition and plans for investment bring hope at last to a small nation

  • Vol 51 No 3
  •  5th February 2010

Third time lucky

In the run-up to the presidential election, due but not confirmed in April, political squabbles are increasing. President Dahir Riyale Kahin accused his rival, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo of the Peace, Unity and Development Party (Kulmiye) of wanting a unified ...

  • Vol 50 No 19
  •  25th September 2009

American airlift

When United States special forces landed near the Shabaab-held Somalian town of Barawe to assassinate and carry off several members of the Al Shabaab jihadist group on 12 September, they changed the rules of engagement in the war in Somalia. This will fo...

  • Vol 48 No 21
  •  19th October 2007

How many states for the north?

Tension between Somaliland (created in 1991) and the much less firmly established Puntland (created 1998) has been running high. On 1 July, yet another state, Maakhir, was inaugurated in northern Somalia and Puntland blamed that, unfairly, on Somaliland. ...

  • Vol 44 No 10
  •  16th May 2003

Count and discount

Mediation continues in a bid to calm the controversy following the 14 April presidential election. This saw Dahir Riyal Kahin, one of the late dictator Mohamed Siad Barre's political police chiefs, win by a margin that would have been familiar to his old ...

Displaying 1-8 out of 8 results.