Population: 13.21 mn.
GDP: $15.8 bn.
Debt: $2.22 bn.

Despite unease about governance and human rights, taking the lead against regional jihadists allows Idriss Déby Itno a high degree of diplomatic support from France and the United States. He will run again in 2016's elections, saying he wants to finish the job.

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  • Vol 55 No 9
  •  1st May 2014

How not to refill a lake

The Sahel’s only major body of water has shrunk to a fraction of its former size but one plan to save the lake is fraught with controversy

  • Vol 54 No 11
  •  24th May 2013

Déby’s enemies crowd in

After sending troops to Mali and trying to broker peace in CAR, the President faces destabilising enemies at home and severe economic challenges

  • Vol 54 No 11
  •  24th May 2013

How to read the ‘conspiracy’

Despite a wealth of knowledge about those named, no one has been able to work out if the men arrested on 1 May were genuinely conspiring to mount a coup d’état or if President Idriss Déby Itno is carrying out one of his periodic culls of the opposition.

  • Vol 53 No 10
  •  11th May 2012

New financiers, new disputes

After falling out with the World Bank, President Déby wants to boost his political popularity with cheap fuel but China is arguing over the bill

  • Vol 53 No 7
  •  30th March 2012

Habre hangs on

Macky Sall’s election as President of Senegal has caused many to wonder if Chad’s ex-President Hissène Habré will still be welcome.

  • Vol 52 No 19
  •  23rd September 2011

Mastering the militias

Under pressure from Chad, the President is neutralising the militias in the north, amid questions about whether the peace can last

  • Vol 52 No 9
  •  29th April 2011

Déby on top

President Idriss Déby Itno has been winning presidential elections since December 1990 and the 25 April poll is likely to prove no exception. With the opposition boycott, turnout was expected to provide the only question mark: early results suggested...

  • Vol 51 No 19
  •  24th September 2010

A new strategy for Darfur

With all eyes on the South and preparations for January’s referendum, Khartoum has stepped up its attacks in Darfur

  • Vol 50 No 10
  •  15th May 2009

Tactical defeat

The Chadian rebel offensive began straight after the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie had tried to break the stalemate in talks between President Idriss Déby and his civilian opposition on 30 April, and after yet another peace deal between C...

  • Vol 50 No 9
  •  1st May 2009

Who shoots first?

The regimes in N’djamena and Khartoum are preparing for another proxy war, this time with more guns and better technology

Displaying 1-10 out of 44 results.