Dr Jeffrey David Sachs

Dr Jeffrey David Sachs


Date of Birth: 05/11/1954
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

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Vol 53 N0 2


The Accra boosters

Observer Editor John Mulholland praised the economist Jeffrey Sachs’s ‘Millennium Village’ project in Ghana and talked to activist musician Bono about how the aid industry was putting itself out of business there...

Vol 52 N0 11


The fastest growing family

However, a suggestion by UN development advisor Jeffrey Sachs that Nigeria should limit families to a maximum of three children has won little support...

Vol 50 N0 6


After the economic crash, the political fallout

Aid lobbyists in Dar es Salaam, such as economist Jeffrey Sachs and musician-activist Bob Geldof, pointed out that the rich countries which at the 2005 Gleaneagles G-8 summit pledged another $30 bn...

Vol 49 N0 23


Bringing in the harvest

The big idea of a development push in Africa, to be part-financed by Western aid, has been propagated by rock stars and given intellectual credibility by United States' economist Jeffrey Sachs...

Vol 48 N0 25


Race to the top

Out of politics for more than a decade, he recently appeared on the development economics circuit alongside the well-known US economist Jeffrey Sachs...

Vol 46 N0 19


The good, the bad and the ugly rumours

The accord was meant to synthesise the conclusions of a high-level panel which UN Secretary General Kofi Annan had set up in 2003 to examine threats to peace and security with a detailed report by economist Jeffrey Sachs on the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of reducing global poverty by half by 2015...

Vol 46 N0 10


The big push comes to shove

The case for the big push - also made in Jeffrey Sachs's United Nations' task force report is that only a massive and sustained transfer of resources to poor countries can launch the economic growth they need...

Vol 46 N0 2


Aid, trade and reform

Professor Sachs's radical proposal Perhaps United States' economist Jeffrey Sachs was listening...

Vol 42 N0 25


Helpless about AIDS

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for International Development at Harvard and a hard-headed campaigner for the world's poor, says international investors are 'dumb-struck' at the government's inadequate response...

Vol 42 N0 1


The centre isn't holding

As African governments and the United Nations belatedly hammer out the message on HIV-AIDS, campaigners for cheaper drugs - such as the HIV retrovirals and anti-malarials - will take centre stage, backed by economists such as Harvard's Jeffrey Sachs and Ghana's former Finance Minister, Kwesi Botchwey...

Displaying 1-10 out of 13 results.