Mr Oronto  Douglas

Mr Oronto Douglas

Human Rights Attorney

Date of Birth: 1966
Place of Birth: Okoroba

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Vol 53 N0 1


A year of living dangerously

Other governorship elections are due in Cross River state in August and Adamawa state in April, foreshadowing the infighting for the 2015 presidential contest, to which insiders at the Presidency like Oronto Douglas, Senior Special Adviser on Research and Strategy, and Reno Omokri the political strategist, look ahead...

Vol 51 N0 2


The lucky friends

Oronto Douglas, a lawyer, activist and Niger Delta environmentalist, is on his team and Jonathan has full support from the long-time Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark, and fraternal contacts with other Delta activists and some of the militant groups...

Vol 48 N0 12


Champagne in the Delta

His choice of Delta activist Oronto Douglas as intermediary suggests the government is serious about finding a way to release Asari and the former Bayelsa Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha (who faces charges in Britain of money laundering) to dampen down militant operations...

Vol 48 N0 9


The men from the south

Oronto Douglas, a former aide to impeached Bayelsa Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and now close to Jonathan, predicts big shifts in Delta politics...

Vol 47 N0 6


Showdown in the Delta

Veteran activist Oronto Douglas is now MEND'S voice in negotiations; he was in government service under Alamieyeseigha, with Abel Ebifemowei (aka 'T...

Vol 46 N0 24


Tummy tuck, bellyache

He denies knowledge of most of the money; his information commissioner, Oronto Douglas, a former environmental activist, said he would have fought the charges in Britain had he not wished to stymie impeachment efforts back home...

Yet for those who do support the Governor, like Oronto Douglas, this is a battle for survival and for the more than $50 mn...

Vol 46 N0 14


Talking it over

Heading for the South-South The key players on the South-South team include: Bayelsa State Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha (who calls himself Governor General of the Ijaw Nation and has opened communications with Vice-President Abubakar); Ijaw National Congress President Kimse Okoko; former activist and now Bayelsa commissioner Oronto Douglas; and former minister Edwin Clarke from Delta, also an Ijaw...

Last month, a big political lunch in Lagos provoked much speculation about a new alliance: among the guests were the Afenifere stalwarts, Falae, Oronto Douglas and also Buhari, who chided Babangida for the annulment of Moshood K...

Vol 46 N0 11


Battles of Boro's ghost

More mainstream activists, such as Oronto Douglas, have joined the national constitutional conference in Abuja organised by Obasanjo and chaired by a popular Roman Catholic priest, Father Matthew Hassan Kukah...

Vol 46 N0 11


Ijaw secession

Oronto Douglas: leading Delta activist; now Alamieyeseigha's spokesman; delegate to National Conference in Abuja; may contest for National Assembly in 2007...

Vol 45 N0 18


Guns, gangs and oil

Once known as the 'garden city', as federal troops move in Port Harcourt is now called the 'garrison city' by environmentalist and lawyer Oronto Douglas...

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.