Patrick  Chinamasa

Patrick Chinamasa

Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs

Date of Birth: 25/01/1947
Place of Birth: Southern Rhodesia

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Vol 55 N0 19


A bail-out for Beijing's sake

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa revealed the fact the government was bailing out a private concern on 11 September, probably inadvertently...

Vol 55 N0 18


Mice at play

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa told Parliament on 3 September that China would not give budgetary support but only finance for viable and bankable projects in infrastructure, roads, railway rehabilitation, water and sanitation...

Vol 55 N0 15


Seized farms haunt ZANU-PF

The current Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, was said to have entered into one such agreement with Richard Yates, a white former farmer he evicted in 2003 from his 800-hectare Tsukumai Farm in Headlands, east of Harare...

Vol 55 N0 14


Arms-for-platinum deal

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said Zimbabwe had much to gain from Russia, especially in the area of mining...

Vol 55 N0 10


Reversing the rot

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has already indicated that the financial sector will be exempt from the indigenisation programme, while President Robert Mugabe has endorsed suggestions that a more flexible policy needs to be considered...

Vol 55 N0 9


Scramble for the top

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has announced a $6,000 monthly cap on pay packages but it is difficult to see how this can be legally enforced...

Vol 55 N0 8


Another Diamond raises cash for Harare

After six months of unmitigated bad economic news, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has seized on the news that the Atlas Mara fund run by Bob Diamond, a former Chief Executive Officer of Barclays Bank, is investing heavily in regional banks...

Vol 55 N0 7


Grace under fire

Concerned capitalMinister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa has said that banks should ‘abandon their culture of risk avoidance, and assume risk management stances and lend to these emerging economically active groups’, meaning those created by the government’s land reforms...

Vol 55 N0 6


Unsuccessful successions

When faced with this month’s revelations that heads of parastatal companies earn multi-million United States dollar salaries, Mugabe ordered Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to end the scandal or lose his job...

Vol 55 N0 6


State corruption complicates succession battles

The next ranking Manica is Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, who leans towards Mnangagwa...

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