Thokozani Khupe

Deputy Prime Minister; Vice-President of the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai

Date of Birth: 18/11/1963
Place of Birth: Bulawayo

Ethnicity: Ndebele

Career: Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway Union, 1987-99;  Secretary, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Women’s Advisory Council, 1991; Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Movement for Democratic Change, 1999-05; Member of Parliament, Makokoba, 2000-; Vice-President, Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai, 2006-; Deputy Prime Minister, 2009-.

Commentary: Khupe was a founder member of the Movement for Democratic Change having gone through the labour movement where she was first a member of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway Union and then the umbrella body the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. A Member of Parliament for Makokoba constituency, her birth place, since 2000, Khupe was catapulted to the top when the MDC split in 2005 and Gibson Sibanda, then party Vice-President, left with Welshman Ncube. Her elevation was considered cosmetic as she was one of the few Ndebele left within the Tsvangirai faction. The fact that she was a woman was an added advantage. Khupe is still considered a political lightweight despite her high post but is reported to be working behind the scenes with ambitious MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti . In the process she has split the party in Bulawayo along tribal lines, something that could give advantage to the resuscitated Zimbabwe African People’s Union led by former intelligence supremo Dumiso Dabengwa. Party leader Morgan Tsvangirai is, however, reported to be aware of her machinations but is reportedly allowing her to hang herself.


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Vol 54 N0 7


ZANU-PF wins the referendum

After the referendum, it was revealed that Mugabe, Mujuru, Tsvangirai and his two deputies, Thokozani Khupe and Arthur Mutambara, would receive redundancy payments because the General Political Agreement that is the basis of the coalition would be superseded by the new constitution...

Vol 53 N0 16


Souvenir of Matebeleland

Sibanda's replacement by Thokozani Khupe preserved the regional balance but she remains a relative lightweight...

Vol 51 N0 15


Restless spirits

Sekai Holland, the MDC member on the National Healing Commission, was sharply rebuked by the MDC Deputy Prime Minister, Thokozani Khupe, for commenting that in her own Mberengwa area, where Matebeleland meets Mashonaland, the pre-colonial depredations of the Ndebele far exceeded anything done by the white colonialists...

Vol 51 N0 1


Three men in a boat

Tensions have abated with deputy leader Thokozani Khupe, Secretary General and Finance Minister Tendai Biti, and some malcontents from Matebeleland...

Vol 50 N0 10


Until the stout lady sings

MP for a Mujuru-stronghold in Mashonaland East, Nyamupinga was elected unopposed thanks to a deal put together by Vice-President Joyce Mujuru (ZANU-PF) and MDC-T Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe...

Vol 50 N0 4


A mixture, not a coalition

They boycotted the ceremony where he was sworn in, alongside his two deputies, Arthur Mutambara (leader of the rival MDC-M) and Thokozani Khupe...

Vol 50 N0 4


The MDC line-up

Party Vice-President Thokozani Khupe is now Deputy Prime Minister but is considered window dressing, to stand up for gender and Matebeleland...

Vol 49 N0 9


The opposition line-up

The key officials in MDC-Tsvangirai are Tendai Biti, Secretary-General and member of parliament for Harare North-east; Thokozani Khupe, Vice-President and MP for Makokoba; Lovemore Moyo, National Chairman and MP for Matobo; Nelson Chamisa, MDC spokesman and MP for Kuwadzana; Eddie Cross, MDC Policy Coordinator General and MP for Bulawayo South; and Roy Bennett, MDC Treasurer General and former MP for Chimanimani...

Vol 47 N0 2


Stout party splits

He is backed by the majority of trades union leaders, including those from Matebeleland, such as MP Thokozani Khupe...

Vol 41 N0 19


Changing floors

Thokozani Khupe, ZARU...

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