Ban  Ki-moon
South Korea

Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary General

Date of Birth: 13/06/1944
Place of Birth: Eumseong

When South Korea’s Ban Ki-moon became UN Secretary General in January 2007, he pledged to reform UN management – and to make climate change and Sudan’s Darfur his top priorities. A former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs and life-long civil servant, Ban brought with him years of diplomatic experience and a blunt heartiness common among Seoul’s diplomatic corps. His election was cheered by China, which had dealt with Ban often, particularly in the six-party talks on North Korean nuclear disarmament.

In contrast to his predecessors, on his first day in office, Ban offered a disclosure of his assets for public scrutiny. Those who said Ban’s tenure would signify less of a focus on Africa appear to have been mistaken: Ban appointed Tanzania’s ex-Foreign Minister Asha-Rose Migiro as Deputy Secretary General and Africa still consumes more than 60% of the UN Security Council’s time. His first major achievement was winning UNSC backing and Sudan’s consent for a 26,000 UN peacekeeping force in Darfur, which at US$2.5 billion is the UN’s most expensive ever. Doubtless, Ban’s expertise in Asian diplomacy will serve him well on the world stage and in understanding his continent’s fast-developing relations with Africa.

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Vol 55 N0 22


Stepping up the fight against Ebola

Key UN member states, notably Britain and the US, have concerns about UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon setting up UNMEER: they fear it could add another layer of bureaucracy from an organisation notorious for creating them...

Vol 55 N0 19


The fire this century

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon cited the plethora of new pledges to cut emissions (all voluntary), the strengthening popular movement for far more stringent environmental controls and some US$500 billion of proposed projects for green energy set out at the Summit...

Vol 55 N0 19


Saying no to the narco-state

A Special Representative of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the former President of São Tomé e Príncipe, Miguel Trovoada, has been appointed and the local European Union mission is being restaffed...

Vol 55 N0 18


More calls for Nuba talks

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon denounced the killing as a war crime, yet failed to refer to the ongoing conflict in the area or the airport's dual role...

Vol 55 N0 14


Puzzle of FDLR intentions

In a letter dated 18 April and copied to, among others, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Malawi's then President and SADC Chairperson, Joyce Banda; and Congo-Kinshasa President Joseph Kabila, the FDLR invited the recipients to attend a ceremonial surrender of men and weapons to SADC...

Vol 55 N0 11


Kinshasa challenges Luanda

In an April letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Kinshasa’s Foreign Minister, Raymond Tshibanda N’tungamulongo, protested that the Angolan map had been ‘drafted unilaterally’...

Vol 55 N0 10


The end of the beginning

Playing a Catholic cardThe agreement followed much local pressure (especially from the churches) and an unprecedentedly concerted if belated effort by IGAD (especially Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda), the African Union (Ethiopia, South Africa), the Troika (United States, Britain, Norway) and the United Nations (Secretary General Ban Ki-moon went to Juba)...

Vol 55 N0 10


Fixing the forces

Meanwhile, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan has been expanded but despite strong words to the UN Security Council from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, it is not expected to play a more assertive role...

Vol 55 N0 8


Kagame mourns – and warns

Echoing his predecessor Kofi Annan's apology of 2004, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said sorry for the departure of the UN troops from Rwanda just when they were most needed, as the genocide was beginning...

Vol 55 N0 8


Militant remembrance

Only UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon drew parallels to other conflicts, referring to the need to prevent further atrocities in other countries such as Syria...

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