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  • 10th February 2014

The big political fight in South Africa's mines

By Patrick Smith

On 13 February, President Jacob Zuma will take a formal break from election campaigning – to give the annual State of the Nation address. The accent will be on the word 'formal' as with national elections now set for 7 May, the State of the Nation address...

  • 27th January 2014

Economic strengths and political troubles in 2014

By Patrick Smith

Stronger economies and troubled politics sum up the reports in Africa Confidential’s first two issues of the year, which focus on events and developments ahead. The International Monetary Fund still forecasts African growth at over 6% for 2014 – a...

  • 1st December 2013


By Stars Foundation

1 December 2013 WORLD AIDS DAY: SOUTH AFRICAN EDUCATION CHARITY TACKLING HIV WINS UK AWARDOn World AIDS Day, the Stars Foundation is delighted to announce IkamvaYouth as 2013 Impact Award Winner for Education in Africa-Middle East. The remaining Impact Aw...

  • 9th October 2013

'Slaughter of the Innocents'

By Patrick Smith

As more details emerge about the drowning of over 350 African migrants when their ship capsized on 3 October a few miles off the Italian island of Lampedusa, officials at the European Union are under pressure to find ways to prevent such disasters. Italy'...

  • 12th May 2013

Darfur double act

By Gill Lusk

'We were blessed to have the State of Qatar!', declared the head of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) on 8 May in London. Not everyone says that, at a time when the Gulf emirate is rising up the international monitoring list for jihadist funding. Along ...

  • 18th March 2013

The West wobbles as Odinga tests election in the courts

By Patrick Smith

The post-mortem on Kenya's 4 March election could prove as important as the vote itself. It is under way after Raila Odinga, presidential candidate for the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord), submitted a detailed petition to the Supreme Co...

  • 8th March 2013

Kenya's election goes to court

By Patrick Smith

by Patrick Smith in Nairobi Questions about Kenya's election results four days after voting and the crash of electronic systems meant to provide safeguards against rigging are raising the political temperature. Opinion is divided between those who want th...

  • 13th November 2012

Rising hopes for Obama's second coming in Africa

By Patrick Smith

BAMAKO: Mali and Libya were the only African states to surface in the three US presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In fact it was Romney who raised the spectre of the jihadist takeover of northern Mali, fresh from his lates...

  • 25th June 2012

The cost of living and dying

By Gill Lusk

'Protests over Sudan austerity measures' say the headlines. Yes, people are indeed protesting about the government removing subsidies on fuel and sugar, two of the commodities that Sudanese hold most dear. And they are protesting when the government tells...

  • 4th May 2012

Pa'gan in London

By Gill Lusk

Picture the scene. A score of motley officials, aid workers and journalists are seated around a table at Britain's Overseas Development Institute in London.  At the head of the table sits Pa'gan Amum Okiech, Secretary General of South Sudan's governing pa...

Displaying 1-10 out of 25 results.