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  • 25th June 2015

Turbulent times for international justice

Blue Lines

A turbulent few weeks for international justice. First, Sudan’s President Omer el Beshir arrived in South Africa on 13 June for the African Union summit despite his indictment by the International Criminal Court for genocide. He left barely two days later...

  • 11th June 2015

Coordinating carbon

Blue Lines

With just six months before the climate change treaty talks in Paris, Africa is battling to coordinate an effective negotiating strategy. Governments should muster the political will, says the Africa Progress Panel (APP), to push harder to defend the inte...

  • 28th May 2015

In Kaberuka's footsteps

Blue Lines

The new President of the African Development Bank, who was being elected as we went to press, will face harsh financial and political conditions after a decade of economic growth on the continent averaging 5-7% a year. Outgoing AfDB President Donald Kaber...

  • 30th April 2015

The shameful tide

Blue Lines

The drowning of thousands of people in the Mediterranean shames both the countries they left and those they were heading for. Whether these individuals were fleeing political oppression or poverty, the governments and international organisations were nowh...

  • 16th April 2015

Mugabe v. Zuma

Blue Lines

The 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe's State visit to his stripling of a 73-year-old counterpart, President Jacob Zuma, left observers wondering which of them was in better shape. Zuma is beset on all sides: his popularity is plummeting. Unemployment, ...

  • 2nd April 2015

A new hope

Blue Lines

The government-elect taking shape in Nigeria under General Muhammadu Buhari will have to contend with meeting not just the expectations of its own citizens but the high hopes of the wider continent. For almost a decade, there is a feeling of an ideas vacu...

  • 19th March 2015

Nigeria's election-winners

Blue Lines

Three issues – corruption, jobs and security – have dominated campaigning in what promises to be Nigeria’s closest ever presidential election, on 28 March. All three put President Goodluck Jonathan’s government on the back foot as it faced a resurgent nat...

  • 6th March 2015

Ebola conference - crisis not yet over

Blue Lines

The chaotic conference on the Ebola crisis at the European Union’s Palais d’Egmont in Brussels on 3 March reflected the confused, ad hoc response to the emergency from national governments and international organisations. It wasn’t a fund-raising meeting:...

  • 20th February 2015

A spreading crisis

Blue Lines

The crisis that has Libyaat its centre has been brewing since oppositionists – backed by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation airpower – overthrew Moammar el Gadaffi’s regime in 2011. Despite hopes for a transition to a stable and prosperous democracy under...

  • 8th February 2015

Tackling Boko Haram

Blue Lines

The scowl on the face of Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Aminu Bashir Wali spoke volumes as he emerged from a meeting at the Sheraton hotel on 29 January. Earlier that day, Nigeria had suffered the indignity of its internal security failings being scrutinised ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 25 results.