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  • 20th February 2015

A spreading crisis

By Blue Lines

The crisis that has Libyaat its centre has been brewing since oppositionists – backed by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation airpower – overthrew Moammar el Gadaffi’s regime in 2011. Despite hopes for a transition to a stable and prosperous democracy under...

  • 8th February 2015

Tackling Boko Haram

By Blue Lines

The scowl on the face of Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Aminu Bashir Wali spoke volumes as he emerged from a meeting at the Sheraton hotel on 29 January. Earlier that day, Nigeria had suffered the indignity of its internal security failings being scrutinised ...

  • 23rd January 2015

The human factor

By Blue Lines

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa came as a bolt from the blue, an apparently natural disaster. And yet, as we approach the anniversary of the first diagnoses deep in the bush of Guinea, new facts are emerging about how opportunistic politics and bad gove...

  • 9th January 2015

Je suis Charlie

By Blue Lines

As shock-waves spread after the murderous attack on staff at the Paris weekly Charlie Hebdo on 7 January, African security officials are weighing the implications for their own countries. Given the global coverage earned by the attacks in Paris and on the...

  • 19th December 2014

Winds of change

By Blue Lines

Big economic and political changes are emerging in Africa after a decade of strong Asian demand for its resources and the highest growth levels since the 1960s. That economic strength has allowed many governments to buy off discontent in the cities withou...

  • 5th December 2014

Sound and fury

By Blue Lines

Those literary gannets and prize committees taken aback by the waves of brilliant African fiction and poetry landing on their desks should look at the raw material served up to writers every day on the continent. It takes nothing away from these writers’ ...

  • 21st November 2014

Parliamentary punch-ups

By Blue Lines

Suddenly the political action has shifted to Africa's parliaments, as party alliances crack and legislators target the executive authority of presidents. The latest parliamentary fracas, in Nigeria, pitted the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) ag...

  • 7th November 2014

A tide of anger

By Blue Lines

Last week's street protests in Burkina Faso, which toppled President Blaise Compaoré, recall the Tunisian demonstrations which launched the rebellions across north-east Africa four years ago. There are some clear parallels. Compaoré, like Tunisia's Presid...

  • 24th October 2014

In Memoriam

By Blue Lines

Africa has lost two strong independent voices in the past week: Efua Dorkenoo, the Ghanaian women’s rights activist, and Ali Mazrui, the Kenyan academic and author. Dorkenoo left her home in Cape Coast and went to work as a nurse in London, where she saw...

  • 10th October 2014

Blunt warnings from the Bank

By Blue Lines

There is a strong sense of apocalypse as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund hold their annual meetings in Washington DC on 10-12 October. Part of that comes from the blunt warnings from Bank President Jim Yong Kim that the future of Africa may...

Displaying 1-10 out of 25 results.