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  • 31st March 2020

Over half Africa's production suspended as debt and financing pressures mount

Patrick Smith

Coverage this week is dominated by the economic and political effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Africa, starting with South Africa and Nigeria. We're publishing an extra feature today on the response of the region's policymakers and the international...

  • 23rd March 2020

AFRICA/CORONAVIRUS: UN's Economic Commission for Africa calls for $100 billion cash boost and suspension of debt-repayments to counter pandemic

Patrick Smith

As the effects, direct and indirect, of the coronavirus pandemic course across Africa, we want you to know that our correspondents on the ground will be producing detailed reporting on the medical, political and security developments as well as the econom...

  • 19th March 2020

Denials of democracy

Blue Lines

We are all democrats now, at least up to a point. That point has been reached in a raft of West and East African states where the regional economic groupings were meant to be upholding higher standards of accountability and governance. The Economic Commun...

  • 5th March 2020

Coronavirus forces economic rethink

Blue Lines

It is a tragic paradox that African states, with experience of managing epidemics, are better placed than many other countries to contain the spread of Covid-19 nova coronavirus. Yet Africa is likely to be the region hardest hit by the indirect economic e...

  • 20th February 2020

Washington calling Africa

Blue Lines

If African leaders were confused by the US government's attitude towards their countries and continent, they were surely left none the wiser by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who visited Senegal, Ethiopia and Angola on a whistle-stop tour of the continen...

  • 6th February 2020

How to remember Moi?

Blue Lines

The traditional reluctance to speak ill of the newly dead is serving Daniel arap Moi well. The death of Kenya's President from 1978-2002, on 4 February aged 95, has been greeted with accolades from African and Western officials in the media. Moi dominated...

  • 19th December 2019

Mbeki in Zimbabwe unity government talks

Blue Lines

The arrival of South Africa's former President Thabo Mbeki in Harare this week for talks with Zimbabwe's leading political figures points to the depth of the country's crisis. Strikes and protests are set to intensify, despite a violent crackdown by Presi...

  • 5th December 2019

Hamdok's high hopes in DC

Blue Lines

Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok will probably come away empty-handed from his first trip to Washington DC since replacing the overthrown Omer el Beshir as Sudan's leader. Top of Hamdok's wish-list is that the United States end its economic sanctions...

  • 21st November 2019

Islamists regroup in Sudan

Blue Lines

Suddenly the stakes in Sudan have been raised – between the revolutionaries and the supporters of Omer el Beshir's ousted regime. For weeks, rumours have been swirling about an impending coup by die-hard Islamists in state security, militias and Beshir's ...

  • 7th November 2019

Multilateralists fight back

Blue Lines

Multilateralism might get another lease of life if some of Africa's top bureaucrats have their way. One of the few advantages of Africa's balkanisation into 54 states is the voting power that this gives the continent in such organisations as the UN Genera...

Displaying 41-50 out of 419 results.