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  • 25th March 2019

ANGOLA: The freeing of detained financiers sends mixed signals on the President's corruption fight

Patrick Smith

This week we look at a surprising legal deal in Luanda, the power crisis that could shape South Africa's elections, how politics and climate change worsened the Mozambique disaster, a personal post-election battle in Nigeria and the unravelling of Kenya's...

  • 21st March 2019

Disaster politics

Blue Lines

In Mozambique, Cyclone Idai has torn through the homes of over 1.7 million people in what is turning into a regional catastrophe.  Eye-witnesses speak of an 'inland ocean' forming west of Beira, which has been almost completely cut off from the rest of th...

  • 18th March 2019

SOUTH AFRICA: Will President Ramaphosa face a parliamentary rebellion after the elections in May?

Patrick Smith

Today we start a new series of news despatches from our correspondents across Africa and beyond. Our aim is to give you a sense of the news agenda for the week ahead as well as spelling out the implications of events that are still playing out.Our news to...

  • 7th March 2019

Anger in Algiers

Blue Lines

The campaign to stop President Abdelaziz Bouteflika from running for a fifth term in Algeria's elections has provoked both shock and surrealism. Shock because the millions of young Algerians marching in Constantine, Oran as well as the capital Algiers is ...

  • 21st February 2019

South Africa's most political budget

Blue Lines

The gargantuan numbers aside – state power company Eskom has unserviceable debts of 420 billion rand (US$30bn) – the most pressing equation in South Africa's budget is a political one. Ahead of national elections on 8 May, President Cyril Ramaphosa has to...

  • 19th February 2019

NIGERIA ELECTIONS: The two main parties lash out at poll delay

Patrick Smith

This week we look at the delayed general election in Nigeria, a tough budget in South Africa, an oil rights dispute between Kenya and Somalia and the complexities of Ethiopia's plan to sell a large stake in its state-owned telecoms company.NIGERIA ELECTIO...

  • 7th February 2019

Ramaphosa's big day

Blue Lines

A year into his presidency and a quarter century after the first free elections in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa has to strike a balance in his State of the Nation address to Parliament on 7 February. On the one hand he wants to assure people th...

  • 24th January 2019

Africa in 2019: The youngest continent fights back

Blue Lines

Shakier economies and an accelerating youth revolt dominate our second special issue on the year aheadThere are clear parallels between the wave of protests demanding radical change across Africa this month with the early days of the North African revolt ...

  • 31st December 2018

AFRICA: POLITICS, ECONOMIES AND PEOPLE | Adieu 2018, legacies of a troubled year

Patrick Smith

Radical political change and peace-making in Ethiopia, together with the signing of the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement, lifted spirits in Africa as other regions became embroiled in trade wars and a wave of nationalism in 2018.But many of t...

  • 20th December 2018

Next year's structural crunch

Blue Lines

Stripped of the spin from politicians seeking re-election and international financial institutions seeking to make more loans, it has been a dire year for Africa's economies and worse for its markets.Buoyed by demographics and better policies, the likes o...

Displaying 51-60 out of 373 results.