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  • 25th June 2020

UN to probe racism in US

Blue Lines

After the African caucus at the UN Human Rights council called for a rare urgent debate on human rights in the United States and circulated a draft resolution calling for a high-powered investigation into racism and police violence there, diplomats in Gen...

  • 11th June 2020

Mnangagwa's foreign foes

Blue Lines

An extraordinary letter from James E Risch, chairman of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to World Bank President David Malpass called for the strictest accountability on a $7 million grant to Zimbabwe managed by the UN and the Catholi...

  • 28th May 2020

A vote for the People's Vaccine

Blue Lines

The overwhelming vote, backed by African and European delegations, at the World Health Organisation assembly on 18-20 May for coronavirus vaccines to be classed as global public goods – universally available under pooled patents – boosts organisations suc...

  • 14th May 2020

Credibility-distanced voting

Blue Lines

More than 20 African countries were due to hold elections in 2020. But electioneering is difficult and organising polls fraught with problems against a backdrop of lockdown measures to control the coronavirus pandemic. Ending the lockdown is the only way...

  • 30th April 2020

A coronavirus rights crisis

Blue Lines

Concerns are deepening that authoritarian regimes in Africa are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to crack down on oppositionists and bolster surveillance of dissidents.  Activists are under attack in Uganda, where one of opposition leader Bobi Wine's p...

  • 16th April 2020

Cautious concession from the G-20

Blue Lines

So far, Africa has not seen the death tolls that have become daily reality in Europe and North America, but the scale of the damage to its economies from the coronavirus pandemic is becoming clearer. On 15 April, the International Monetary Fund forecast ...

  • 2nd April 2020

Politics of the pandemic

Blue Lines

In Europe, the coronavirus has brought the command economy back into fashion. Without similar financial resources, African governments will struggle to follow suit in subsidising businesses and wages and converting factories to make ventilators and protec...

  • 31st March 2020

Over half Africa's production suspended as debt and financing pressures mount

Patrick Smith

Coverage this week is dominated by the economic and political effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Africa, starting with South Africa and Nigeria. We're publishing an extra feature today on the response of the region's policymakers and the international...

  • 23rd March 2020

AFRICA/CORONAVIRUS: UN's Economic Commission for Africa calls for $100 billion cash boost and suspension of debt-repayments to counter pandemic

Patrick Smith

As the effects, direct and indirect, of the coronavirus pandemic course across Africa, we want you to know that our correspondents on the ground will be producing detailed reporting on the medical, political and security developments as well as the econom...

  • 19th March 2020

Denials of democracy

Blue Lines

We are all democrats now, at least up to a point. That point has been reached in a raft of West and East African states where the regional economic groupings were meant to be upholding higher standards of accountability and governance. The Economic Commun...

Displaying 101-110 out of 486 results.