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  • 3rd July 2018

AFRICAN UNION: Security and corruption top agenda of sparsely-attended summit in Nouakchott

Patrick Smith

We start this week in the Mauritanian capital, which has been hosting an African Union summit tasked with a tough agenda on regional security. The meeting crafted a compromise on Morocco and Western Sahara. Meanwhile, in Beijing, the Ministry of Defence h...

  • 28th June 2018

Deadly politics in the Middle Belt

Blue Lines

As the ruling All Progressives' Congress held an exuberant convention in Abuja's Eagle Square on 23-24 June plotting victory in next year's elections, a few hundred miles to the north-east some 200 people were being slaughtered in clashes between farmers ...

  • 26th June 2018

SIERRA LEONE: Incoming government uncovers massive fraud under Koroma's rule

Patrick Smith

This week, we wanted to let you know about another exclusive Africa Confidential report – this time on a devastating report on corruption and fraud in Sierra Leone over the past eight years. We also want to flag up upcoming coverage of the two assassinati...

  • 19th June 2018

SOUTH AFRICA: Questions are asked about the goals of President Ramaphosa's purge of security agencies

Patrick Smith

We start in South Africa where President Ramaphosa's motives in reforming the security sector are being questioned, and then to Uganda where a big budget increase laying the ground for oil infrastructure includes a controversial proposal to tax social med...

  • 14th June 2018

Kabila silent on Congo's choices

Blue Lines

How seriously to take the 12 June statement by Bruno Tshibala, Congo-Kinshasa's Prime Minister, that President Joseph Kabila will not seek a third term in elections due in December? Such announcements might deflect foreign pressure on Kabila to leave powe...

  • 11th June 2018

ZIMBABWE: Opposition promises upturn and economic reforms poll points to tightening race

Patrick Smith

We start with the fast-moving developments in Zimbabwe's national elections due on 30 July, followed by a report on the non-elections in Congo-Kinshasa and mounting opposition frustration. In South Africa, ex-President Zuma has suffered reverses in his at...

  • 5th June 2018

NIGERIA: Ekiti governorship poll is vital test of strength for APC as President Buhari's record is questioned

Patrick Smith

This week we start with the critical governorship election in Ekiti State, Nigeria, and then to the United Nations which has published an important new report on migration trends within Africa. We also look at the claims of the power of the pro-Zuma clans...

  • 31st May 2018

Zimbabwe's high hopes for a free choice

Blue Lines

The one unsurprising thing about Zimbabwe's presidential and parliamentary elections is the date: they are now set for 30 July with a rerun on 8 September if no candidate clears 50% in the first round of the presidential poll. Few want to see a second rou...

  • 22nd May 2018

NIGERIA: Fissures open up in the ruling party as it prepares to choose its presidential candidate

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Nigeria where politicians of all parties are jockeying for position ahead of next year's elections. Ghana's former President John Mahama announces he wants to stand again in 2020 and Zimbabwe has applied to rejoin the Commonwealth. I...

  • 17th May 2018

Washington's new man in Africa

Blue Lines

Retired Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy has finally emerged as the choice for Assistant Secretary of African Affairs 475 days after Donald Trump was inaugurated as United States President. Nagy, a Trump loyalist, now has to win approval in Congress, where his na...

Displaying 121-130 out of 410 results.