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  • Vol 52 No 9
  •  29th April 2011

Local elections threaten the ANC's national grip

Municipal elections do not always stir passions but those on 18 May hold great significance for an African National Congress beset by infighting and disunity. They promise to be the most competitive polls since majority rule began in 1994 and will affect ...

  • Vol 52 No 9
  •  29th April 2011

Towns at risk for the ANC

The ANC faces tough electoral competition in several constituencies.

  • Vol 52 No 6
  •  18th March 2011

Pushing for probity

Pressure is growing for greater accountability and transparency in oil and mining operations, especially in Africa, due to the strengthening of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the imminent application of the United States’ Dodd-Fr...

  • Vol 51 No 17
  •  27th August 2010

The battle of the Nile

Egypt and Sudan are playing a central role in the dispute over the Nile. They know they can no longer ignore the thirst for water of the seven upstream countries but are focussed on their own growing needs. The five states most concerned, led by Ethiopia,...

  • Vol 51 No 16
  •  6th August 2010

New pressure on the war-minerals link

Congo's 'clean' minerals are more politically toxic than buyers would like

  • Vol 51 No 10
  •  14th May 2010

Elections loom as Kabila comes under fire from all sides

Next month, Congolese will mark 50 troubled years of Independence from Belgium amid growing concern about security and development prospects under President Kabila’s government. Kabila and the ruling PPRD are feverishly preparing for elections next yea...

  • Vol 51 No 8
  •  16th April 2010

Le scandale pétrolier

The country now produces a paltry 25,000 barrels a day but the big international oil companies are lining up to buy their way into Congo-Kinshasa. Smaller companies have been locked in wrangles with each other and successive Kinshasa officials for several...

  • Vol 51 No 7
  •  2nd April 2010

As elections arrive, the opposition shuns Omer

Sudan is set to become the first country to elect an indicted war criminal as president. Yet the elections are deemed so unlikely to be free and fair that, as AC went to press, the focus was on the extent and effects of the opposition boycott. Oppositioni...

  • Vol 51 No 4
  •  19th February 2010

Acting President Jonathan sets out his plans

From the surrealism of ‘missing president’ Umaru Yar’Adua, linked to the outside world via a ghostly voiced interview with the BBC, and with attendant disputes of legitimacy and sovereignty, Nigeria has solved the crisis in its own way, by effecting what ...

  • Vol 51 No 3
  •  5th February 2010

Southern leaders compete for a new state

There are fears that the thrice-delayed national elections, now due on 8 April, could trigger an escalation of fighting in Darfur and the South, given the probability that few will accept the results as free and fair. The Khartoum regime has failed to imp...

Displaying 11-20 out of 36 results.