Population: 21.7 mn.
GDP: 125.6 bn.
Debt: 21.1 bn.

President José Eduardo dos Santos is under pressure to name a successor. Vice-President Manuel Vicente seems best placed but 2014 will test his mettle and show whether he can build a solid support base.   

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  • Vol 55 No 6
  •  21st March 2014

Statoil on the spot

Norway’s biggest parastatal comes under scrutiny over business partners whose reputation for probity is far from the Scandinavian image

  • Vol 55 No 1
  •  10th January 2014

The MPLA sticks to its course

Secretive and fearful of change, the ruling circle sees no reason to rock the boat with reforms. New major projects are likely to suffer delay

  • Vol 54 No 24
  •  22nd November 2013

Luanda cows Lisbon

Portugal appears to have succumbed to Angolan pressure to drop more investigations of top officials in Luanda. Last week, the Portuguese Central Investigation and Criminal Prosecution Department, the Departamento Central de Investigação e Ac...

  • Vol 54 No 23
  •  15th November 2013

Luanda shouts back at Lisbon

A government newspaper calls Portugal corrupt and ignorant after it starts an investigation into allies of Dos Santos for financial crimes

  • Vol 54 No 23
  •  15th November 2013

MPLA insider faces charges in Brazil

Another key bilateral relationship of Angola’s could also come under stress after Interpol issued a Red Notice on the owner of Angolan soccer club Kabuscorp FC, General Bento dos Santos ‘Kangamba’. Through his job as Secretary for Suburb...

  • Vol 54 No 22
  •  1st November 2013

Lessons from Luanda

Angola has been flexing its military muscles to remind Congo-Brazzaville exactly who is boss. In a security operation beginning on 13 October, Angolan forces seized 40 Congolese soldiers in the Kimongo area of Niari Prefecture, bordering Cabinda, where re...

  • Vol 54 No 15
  •  19th July 2013

The succession question

Who takes over from President Dos Santos and how is a matter of political urgency for the governing party

  • Vol 54 No 15
  •  19th July 2013

The Brazil effect

The mass protests in Brazil have rattled Luanda’s political elite as speculation grows about the successor to President Dos Santos

  • Vol 54 No 10
  •  10th May 2013

UNITA’s warning

’Angola is sitting on a powder keg’, says Isaías Samakuva, leader of the main opposition party, the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola. He was talking in Brussels to the Centrist Democrat International, the global federation that includes...

  • Vol 54 No 9
  •  26th April 2013

Debt deal scandal revives

Campaigners press the Swiss authorities to reopen their investigation into lucrative deals over Angola’s old debts to Russia

Displaying 1-10 out of 180 results.