Population: 2.10 mn.
GDP: $2.46 bn.
Debt: $0.89 bn.

Prime Minister Tom Thabane and his All Basotho Convention are likely to win the 28 February elections called early in a bid to relieve tension between the parties following August's failed coup attempt. That was blamed on renegade Lesotho Defence Force Commander Tlali Kamoli, now holed up in the mountains and deemed 'too risky' to arrest.

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  • Vol 55 No 18
  •  12th September 2014

Trouble in the neighbourhood

South African forces are back in Maseru after what may have been an attempted coup but have no mandate for military action

  • Vol 48 No 5
  •  2nd March 2007

Mosisili's snap victory

Calling snap parliamentary elections on 17 February has worked well for Lesotho's pragmatic Prime Minister, Pakalitha Mosisili in his battle with former Communications Minister Motsoahae Thomas Thabane, founder of the breakaway All Basotho Convention (ABC...

  • Vol 45 No 10
  •  14th May 2004

Dirty water

Lesotho has scored a rare but convincing victory against corruption. The Maseru courts convicted three multinationals of bribing to secure contracts in the giant Highlands Water Project and prosecutors are considering whether to proceed against Britain's ...

  • Vol 43 No 11
  •  31st May 2002

Caught out

The easy re-election of the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy in the 25 May general elections handed a new mandate to a government determined to pursue those suspected of corruption in the Highlands Water Project.

  • Vol 40 No 7
  •  2nd April 1999

Disunited kingdom

South Africa rescued the government but may have destroyed the nation

  • Vol 39 No 20
  •  9th October 1998

To a little kingdom

As SADC allies go to war in Congo, Pretoria stumbles into an insurrection nearer home

  • Vol 39 No 19
  •  25th September 1998

Militants and monarchs

Two troubled kingdoms have embroiled South Africa in some messy power-broking

  • Vol 39 No 19
  •  25th September 1998

Military mayhem

This time - at dawn on 22 September - mutinous soldiers of the Lesotho Defence Force faced well equipped South African troops, rather than just their own loyalist colleagues. Pretoria’s intervention, under the aegis of the South African Development Commun...

  • Vol 38 No 11
  •  23rd May 1997

Hanging on

By the grace of the courts, and for a few weeks only, Prime Minister Ntsu Mokhehle (78) is hanging on as leader of the Basutoland Congress Party, a job he first got 43 years ago. Personal and constitutional wrangles have split the party. The High Court, i...

  • Vol 38 No 6
  •  14th March 1997

Cop out

The Prime Minister is under attack from all sides, including policemen and his own party

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.