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Population: 2.23 mn.
GDP: $2.64 bn.
Debt: $0.936 bn.

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To a little kingdom

As SADC allies go to war in Congo, Pretoria stumbles into an insurrection nearer home

The military intervention in Lesotho was meant to be a show-case for the new South African National Defence Force (SANDF). It turned into a political-military fiasco. Lesotho’s opp...

Militants and monarchs

Two troubled kingdoms have embroiled South Africa in some messy power-broking

Pretoria’s African National Congress government finally lost its diplomatic virginity with the deployment of 600 South African soldiers in the early hours of 22 September to put do...

Military mayhem

This time - at dawn on 22 September - mutinous soldiers of the Lesotho Defence Force faced well equipped South African troops, rather than just their own loyalist colleagues. Preto...

Hanging on

By the grace of the courts, and for a few weeks only, Prime Minister Ntsu Mokhehle (78) is hanging on as leader of the Basutoland Congress Party, a job he first got 43 years ago. P...

Cop out

The Prime Minister is under attack from all sides, including policemen and his own party

Providentially, nobody died when the army unleashed its strength against rebel policemen in their barracks in Maseru. Eight officers of the Royal Lesotho Mounted Police had demande...

Succession battle

On 7 May, four senior Cabinet ministers were sacked. A week later, two others resigned; more are expected to go soon. A squabble at the annual conference of the ruling Basotho Cong...

Break for the border

The mountain kingdom has to forge a new relationship with South Africa

As politicians and soldiers in Maseru snipe (sometimes literally) at each other, they are unable to tackle the biggest issue in the kingdom: its relationship with South Africa. The...

Reigning again

The omens are not good for Crown Prince Letsie David Mohato's second coming to the Basotho throne. His first reign started an effective coup when he dissolved the elected governmen...

Displaying 11-18 out of 18 results.