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Omer Hassan Ahmed  el Beshir

Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir

Date of Birth: 01/01/1944
Place of Birth: Hoshe Bannaga

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Why the peacekeepers stay in Darfur

That blames the regime squarely for the death and displacement in Darfur and is the basis for the ICC's case against Omer el Beshir; his former Defence Minister and now Khartoum State Governor, Lieutenant General Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein; North Kordofan Governor Ahmed Mohamed Haroun Adam; and Janjaweed (and Mahamid tribe) leader Musa Hilal Musa, who has recently returned to the regime fold...

Fugitive flees as courts sidelined

That afternoon, the three South African judges ruled that the failure to arrest Omer el Beshir contravened the constitution and that he should be arrested and transferred to the custody of the ICC...

The encirclement ended only after Omer el Beshir landed in Khartoum, the soldiers said...

The President’s new clothes

Once merely tolerated by the National Islamic Front (now NCP) to keep the army on side (a role the President later handed to Vice-President General Bakri Hassan Salih), Omer el Beshir is now the man his former masters have to please...

Fresh doubts over polls

When Omer el Beshir made a lightning trip to Saudi last week, it was the first time he had not visited the holy sites and he took with him not his Defence Minister and close ally, Gen...

Displaying 1-10 out of 290 results.