Mwai Emilio Stanley Kibaki

Mwai Emilio Stanley Kibaki

President (since 2002); leader of the National Alliance Rainbow Coalition; Chair, Democratic Party

Date of Birth: 15/11/1931
Place of Birth: Gatuyaini village, Othaya, Nyeri district, Central Province

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Vol 56 N0 3


What the prosecutor saw

In late 2007, Kenyatta led the Kenya African National Union and the parliamentary opposition but he supported the then President, Mwai Kibaki, against challenger Raila Amolo Odinga in the December general elections...

Vol 55 N0 22


An executive not executing

Half of the street lights installed in Nairobi during the time of President Mwai Kibaki (2002-2013) do not work or have been vandalised...

Vol 55 N0 16


Who owns what?

The outgoing government of President Mwai Kibaki passed three laws in 2012, the Lands Act, Land Registration Act and National Commissions Act...

Vol 55 N0 13


Confused response to terror attacks

It very nearly drove Kenyatta's predecessor, President Mwai Kibaki, out of power...

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Vol 55 N0 6


A year of living precariously

Devolution is making the public wage bill balloon and former President Mwai Kibaki’s tax-and-spend policies are still feeding through the economy...

Vol 55 N0 5


Jubilee lays into America, too

Western diplomats in general and aid agencies are being frozen out of processes to which they enjoyed access and influence under President Mwai Kibaki...

Vol 55 N0 4


No way to run a railway

Criticism first arose when it was revealed that the government of ex-President Mwai Kibaki had acceded to CRBC’s request to conduct its own feasibility study...

Vol 55 N0 1


Chickens come home to roost

Ruto’s defence team claims that the Deputy President was ‘fixed’ by Kikuyu technocrats during ex-President Mwai Kibaki’s time who coached witnesses while collecting evidence of Ruto’s involvement in the post-election violence in the Rift Valley...

Vol 54 N0 25


Counter-terrorism force under attack

A predominantly civilian National Police Service Commission was established but the failure of the ruling political rivals, President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, to agree who would head it left the NPSC rudderless until just before this year's elections...

Vol 54 N0 16


The crucial M-Pesa and call logs

‘Nairobitech’ blogged on 30 July that in June and July the ICC had gone to Kenya and obtained call logs from Safaricom and Airtel for ten mostly pro-Mwai Kibaki individuals, including Kenyatta himself, who seems to have had both Safaricom and Airtel numbers...

Displaying 1-10 out of 251 results.