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  • Vol 53 No 24
  •  30th November 2012

The new gold rush

Khartoum’s new gold mining operations may alleviate its worsening foreign exchange crisis but they will increase financial instability in the medium term. As the world gold price moves steadily upward, old workings are coming back to life. In Sudan, gold ...

  • Vol 53 No 23
  •  16th November 2012

Hassan Sheikh keeps it in the family

After a long delay the new President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, finally appointed a prime minister and a cabinet, all of them drawn from a tight circle of family, friends and his most trusted political allies. He risked appearing elitist and non-inclusive be...

  • Vol 53 No 20
  •  5th October 2012

The grand corruption trap

The nine agreements signed between the Khartoum and Juba governments on 27 September will throw the focus back on to the appalling living conditions in both states. The agreements include a deal on resuming oil production in South Sudan. Economic conditio...

  • Vol 53 No 14
  •  6th July 2012

Rajoelina slows down the train

The confusion is far from over. The United Nations proposes that Madagascar hold presidential and parliamentary elections in May or June 2013 but Andry Rajoelina is holding out. The army installed him as national leader after its coup in March 2009 threw ...

  • Vol 53 No 7
  •  30th March 2012

Al Shabaab’s waiting game

Regardless of the recent defeats of Al Haraka al Shabaab al Mujahideen, senior African Union Mission in Somalia commanders privately admit that the next phase of military operations is fraught with potential difficulties. Since forcing Al Shabaab out of M...

  • Vol 53 No 6
  •  16th March 2012

How to buy growth – for $100 billion

Both trades unions and business question the accountability of the government’s huge public spending programme, which would invest 850 billion rand (US$112 bn.) in power generation, transport and telecommunications over the next three years, plus more tha...

  • Vol 53 No 4
  •  17th February 2012

The gamble for Simandou

Brazilian mining conglomerate Vale is keeping its operations under close review, after threatening to sell its investments in Guinea last month. After tough talks with its minority partner and President Alpha Condé’s government, Vale has for now pulled ba...

  • Vol 52 No 22
  •  4th November 2011

Confused war aims cause alarm

Kenya’s military incursion into Somalia is less than a month old but is already the subject of contradictory statements by the government and its Western allies. Al Haraka al Shabaab al Mujahideen is under threat from the Kenya Armed Forces and their alli...

  • Vol 52 No 20
  •  7th October 2011

Getting the right numbers

It is the biggest economic success story in Africa. The growth of mobile telephony is phenomenal – in numbers, in jobs created and in the economic development it is driving. African software engineers are pioneering the development of payment systems over...

  • Vol 52 No 10
  •  13th May 2011

Stabilisation now, reconciliation later

Ouattara is a strong Western ally but his national skills are more of an unknown quantity as he tries to reconcile his own fractious forces as well as Gbagbo’s loyalists. With Gbagbo confined in the north under UN guard and his forces demoralised or captu...

Displaying 1-10 out of 36 results.