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Population: 26.5 mn.
GDP: $16.6 bn.
Debt: $6.89 bn.

President Filipe Nyusi's biggest first-term tests will be to prevent further political violence and keep gas sector development on track. A truce is likely with the opposition Resistência Nacional Moçambicana (Renamo). New oil and gas concessions will be awarded, marking the entry of some major international companies.

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Nyusi finds the cupboard bare

The new President's team has found a huge hole in government finances. A frantic hunt is on for hundreds of millions of missing dollars

President Filipe Nyusi's new era – a decisive break with the policies and personalities of ex-President Armando Guebuza – has begun with an apparent financial disaster....

A shot at devolution

Suspicions are growing that the assassination of constitutional lawyer Gilles Cistac by gunmen in Maputo on 3 March is part of a power struggle between ex-President Armando Guebuza...

New faces, old issues

Good will and hopefulness greet Nyusi. But a still-disgruntled Renamo clouds the picture, as do corruption fears

After he takes office on 15 January and Parliament reconvenes, President Filipe Nyusi is expected to bring many new and younger faces to cabinet as his predecessor Armando Guebuza'...

Gas regime is getting there

A green light for the LNG project and implementation of the Petroleum Law are just around the corner. Some wrinkles remain

The government has reached final agreement with Italy's ENI and the United States' oil company Anadarko over their liquefied natural gas projects offshore the northern province of ...

Kingpin kidnap chaos

The abduction of an alleged drugs baron in Maputo embarrasses the new President and highlights the strength of organised crime in the country

President Filipe Nyusi surely hoped that such a problem would not come up so early in his new job. On 18 November, one of the most notorious and wealthiest donors to the governing ...

Nyusi's rocky road

The new President faces a stronger opposition and resentment over Frelimo’s electoral fraud that could well persist

President Filipe Nyusi, the formally declared victor of October's presidential poll with 57% of the valid votes, has steep hills to climb. He needs to restore public confidence in ...

Frelimo wins, Renamo revives

Persistent reports of fraud will not prevent wide acceptance of Nyusi’s victory, amid hopes of a more inclusive government

The most closely-fought campaign in 20 years of multiparty elections saw the governing party claim a decisive but controversial victory. Civil society organisations, the independen...

Fraud claims taint Frelimo win

Early signs indicate a landslide for the ruling party, but claims of rigging are growing and there is serious potential for unrest

Frente de Libertação de Moçambique members in Maputo are already celebrating victory in the general election, even though the formal results are not due for se...

Displaying 1-10 out of 124 results.