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Population: 29.67 mn.
GDP: $12.33 bn.
Debt: $12.01 bn.

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Secret security debts devastate economy

As officials count the rising cost of the hidden debts, President Nyusi faces awkward questions from investors and donors

As Mozambique's mountain of dubious debts tops US$2 billion, there are growing calls for a forensic audit and an international police probe into the officials and entities involved...


IMF cut-off follows secret debt shock

The Fund has stopped flows to Maputo after secret debts came to light. Even more massive obligations remain hidden, we can reveal 

Shocked by revelations that top security officials in Maputo had racked up secret state-backed loans as big as $1.5 billion, the International Monetary Fund has cancelled its emerg...

Nyusi's resolve in doubt

The President may yet impose his authority on Frelimo, but many are wondering if the new broom is now back in the cupboard

A crucial series of Frelimo Central Committee meetings are due to take place between 21 and 24 April; they are President Filipe Nyusi's last chance to show party members and the pu...

Fighting flares in Tete

Refugees have crossed into Malawi after clashes between the government and Renamo. Who is guiding Frelimo policy?

Mozambican villagers at a refugee camp at Kapise, Malawi, say they have fled government security forces who burned crops and homes in Tete, sources at the camp have told Africa Con...

Make or break for Nyusi

The President faces a recalcitrant party, a highly aggressive Renamo and an economy beset by crisis

If President Filipe Nyusi thought 2015 would be his toughest year, 2016 may prove him wrong. Mozambique remains at a crossroads, with peace and perhaps prosperity in one direction,...

Nyusi's nightmare

The new President is still struggling for mastery of the state, while a legacy of chronic corruption hangs over the latest IMF deal

As the austere consequences of an International Monetary Fund emergency loan sink into public consciousness, Filipe Nyusi is still struggling to gain the control that election as P...

Fight, don't talk

The government has decided to 'disarm' Resistência Nacional Moçambicana, in what is being seen as a victory for hardliners over President Filipe Nyusi's previous, conciliatory appr...

How Dhlakama and the peace talks were ambushed

Insiders detect the hand of former President Guebuza in a spate of attacks against the Renamo leader

Last month's attacks on Afonso Dhlakama and his stand-off with government forces are threatening the latest bid to broker a political and military settlement. People close to the n...

Dash for gas cash

Welcome changes in oil and gas governance are coming, but a new group of rent-seekers is also on the road

Changes at the top of state petroleum company Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH) and the industry regulator, Instituto Nacional de Petróleo (INP), mark a further step...

No offence, honestly

A journalist and an academic face trial on 31 August for an offence which no longer exists.

Displaying 51-60 out of 194 results.