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Population: 29.67 mn.
GDP: $12.33 bn.
Debt: $12.01 bn.

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Maputo faces off with the Fund

Frelimo believes it can stare down donors and lenders, avoiding reforms and hanging tough over the secret loans

The final year of Filipe Nyusi's difficult tenure as President of Mozambique is unlikely to end on a high note. As the 2019 elections approach, a dose of cold reality is in store f...

Honeypot on wings

While Mozambique's poor struggle with austerity and inflation, President Filipe Nyusi will be soaring comfortably over them in his Canadair Challenger 850 private jet, acquired las...

Party debts hold back Nyusi

The president has a better grip on power now but still has much to do before confidence in him improves

President Filipe Nyusi needs to build on his recent assertion of control over party and state, analysts are saying. He is still hamstrung when it comes to the economy and relations...

Team Nyusi wins a point

The ruling party's new politburo boosts the President's authority, but the two billion dollar debt scandal still casts a shadow

It has not been an easy journey for President Filipe Nyusi, who does not inspire the same personal loyalty as his predecessor, the redoubtable Armando Guebuza. The first Mozambican...

Stalemate and stand-off

The leak of the full Kroll audit has revealed the extent of Maputo's lack of cooperation and leaves both sides unable to move forward

The audit of the US$2 billion of secret loans by the corporate investigations and risk consultancy Kroll was supposed to clear the air between the governing Frente de Libertaçao de...

Rock and Kroll

A summary of the much anticipated audit of the secret US$2 billion loans is out. It reveals they were all buck and no bang

The audit by Kroll Associates of the loans to three supposed maritime projects talks about what the US$2 billion loans were not spent on but not where the money really went. The se...

Insiders dissect secret audit

Six months after investigations began into the $2 billion in secret loans, revelations of fat commissions and failed projects emerge

Senior officials and donors are still pondering the still secret audit which consultants Kroll Associates delivered to Attorney-General Beatriz Buchili on 12 May, after three exten...

A meandering audit trail

The much-anticipated report on the secret loans is due out amid doubts about how much it will – or can – reveal 

Expectations and tension were building as the 28 April deadline for the delivery of the risk advisory firm Kroll's report on secret security state loans approached. Attorney Genera...

Nyusi celebrates Exxon's entry

Bringing in the US oil giant was a personal triumph for the President but it won't raise as much tax as he hopes

President Filipe Nyusi felt the political ground underneath him get firmer when news of the Exxon-ENI deal came through. The United States oil giant ExxonMobil is buying 25% of the...

Artfully dodging debt

A growing faction in the governing Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (Frelimo) favours repudiating its US$2 billion in questionable secret loans. It wants those responsible for th...

Displaying 51-60 out of 213 results.