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Population: 29.67 mn.
GDP: $12.33 bn.
Debt: $12.01 bn.

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Frelimo picks a candidate

After a strong challenge from his rivals, the governing party has chosen Guebuza’s man to stand in the presidential election

After more than a year of uncertainty and speculation, the party in power has finally chosen the Defence Minister, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, as its presidential candidate for the Octob...

The race opens up

The governing party's next Central Committee meeting promises to be an unusually lively affair. On 27 February the Frente de Libertação de Moçambique has to de...

Renamo conflict escalates

The disgruntled rebels’ attacks are taking on the aspect of an insurgency but it seems that President Guebuza is in no hurry to settle the dispute

The political and military situation is deteriorating as the rebellion by the Resistência Nacional Moçambicana looks increasingly like a serious civil conflict. Armed ...

Donors up in arms

The countries helping fund the national budget are split on whether or not to suspend funds over corruption and bad governance

Mozambique risks the suspension of up to one third of the US$400 million it is due to receive in budget support funds from major donors this year, according to European official so...

Take me to your leader

The gas bonanza raises the stakes in this year’s elections; Frelimo’s choice for the presidency will show how it wants to run the country

All eyes are on President Armando Guebuza’s next move in the run-up to the general elections on 15 October. Unable to stand himself, he is determined to have a firm ally succ...

Frelimo unnerved

The governing party won the polls but the MDM shows signs of growing into a serious political challenge

The governing Frente de Libertação de Moçambique and President Armando Guebuza emerged from the local elections on 20 November still in power nationwide. Yet c...

Alarm over new debts

After the cancellation of much foreign debt, the government has embarked on a commercial borrowing spree

The government is on a credit binge and is taking on billions of dollars’ worth of loans. Its new-found creditworthiness is based on wealth from mineral resources and on debt...

Abductions fuel anxiety

Police officers and their accomplices may be behind the current wave of kidnapping, private sector security sources have told Africa Confidential. The abductions are fuelling publi...

The mystery ship deal

Why is a new company linked to the security services spending over 300 million euro on a tuna fishing fleet and a mini-navy?

As tensions rise in Mozambique following rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama's abrogation on 21 October of the 1992 peace deal, more questions are being asked about the government's opaqu...

Displaying 81-90 out of 181 results.