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Population: 32.07m
GDP: $12.33 bn.
Debt: $12.01 bn.

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Frelimo flounders in north

The insurgents in Cabo Delgado retain the initiative, having attacked a village in Tanzania and reportedly destroyed a Tanzania People's Defence Force armoured personnel carrier on...

Surge of the insurgents

The government has done nothing to dislodge Islamist guerrillas who have held a coastal district capital for over five weeks

After attacking Mocímboa da Praia several times this year, the Islamist insurgents of northern Cabo Delgado took control of the coastal town, which is a port and the district capit...

Frelimo’s belated cry for help

Regional security bodies have been criticised for not doing more about the Islamist insurgency but Maputo was reluctant to sound the alarm

The crash of a Bathawk microlight aircraft belonging to the Dyck Advisory Group private military contractor (PMC) in Mozambique on 15 June has thrown a spotlight on a topic Maputo ...

No smoke without Frelimo

Allegations of drugs crime and bribery are dogging President Filipe Nyusi's family. The transparency watchdog Centro de Integridade Pública has accused the President's eldes...

How Frelimo lost a province

The government has mishandled a growing insurgency in the gas-rich north of the country. Many fear it is now too late to regain the initiative

The latest massacre by an Islamist militia in the remote north of the country and its occupation of two coastal towns have thrust a simmering rebellion centre-stage, but the govern...

Nyusi’s win poses questions

Far from consolidating presidential authority, the electoral fraud that brought Frelimo victory may well hurt the President

The working year began with a day of golfing and post-inauguration partying for President Filipe Nyusi, who was sworn into office on 15 January for his second five-year term amid e...

Off the hook

The first of the criminal trials in connection with Mozambique's $2bn 'tuna bonds' hidden loans scandal has ended with the surprise acquittal of Lebanese salesman Jean Boustani at ...

Frelimo takes no chances

Despite claims that the election was won through fraud and violence, the results will stand and strengthen the President’s hand

President Filipe Nyusi has won a second and final term of office with the second-largest majority since multi-party elections began in 1994. The election win – which included...


Displaying 31-40 out of 219 results.