Population: 14.7 mn.
GDP: 23.0 bn.
Debt: 4.3 bn.

President Michael Sata turns 77 in July and is not in the best of health. Elections are two years off but the governing Patriotic Front is divided: one camp backs PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, the other ex-Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba. Negotiations are underway with China Nonferrous Mining Corporation over environmental concerns with expansion plans. 


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  • Vol 42 No 24
  •  7th December 2001

Maize power

Maize meal helped drive Kenneth Kaunda from power and could do the same to the Movement for Multi-party Democracy which defeated him in the 1991 elections. When Kaunda cut subsidies on the staple mealie-meal, his support collapsed. The MMD's market econom...

  • Vol 42 No 21
  •  26th October 2001

Payback time

The President's cheque is stolen and the election heats up

  • Vol 42 No 21
  •  26th October 2001

Presidential runners

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD): formed 1990, governing since 1991. Support: Copperbelt and Bemba people, trades unions; endorsed by Dean Mung'omba's Zambia Alliance for Progress (ZAP) though he insists he won't rejoin MMD. Policies: pro-pr...

  • Vol 42 No 18
  •  14th September 2001

Puppet or prince?

The ruling MMD's new flagbearer seems too close to Chiluba and too far from the voters

  • Vol 42 No 15
  •  27th July 2001

Post-summit blues

Everything is going wrong for President Chiluba's renewed bid for a third term

  • Vol 42 No 14
  •  13th July 2001

Anglo accused

Activists are challenging Anglo American's role in the messy copper privatisation

  • Vol 42 No 13
  •  29th June 2001

Too many defects

Having failed to secure an unconstitutional third term (AC Vol 42 No 10), President Frederick Chiluba lacks a successor since he sacked the former front-runners from his ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy.

  • Vol 42 No 10
  •  18th May 2001


President Frederick Chiluba has sworn that he will not after all seek the unconstitutional third term that he worked so hard to win. On 8 May he reaffirmed: 'I am not going to stand. I want to make it clear, clear and clear... that there is no third term....

  • Vol 42 No 8
  •  20th April 2001

The cock crows

Opposition to President Chiluba's term is growing by the day

  • Vol 42 No 8
  •  20th April 2001

The two-is-enough group

Fifteen senior members of the governing MMD's National Executive Committee publicly oppose Chiluba's bid for a third term...

Displaying 101-110 out of 129 results.