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Population: 15.0 mn.
GDP: $25.6 bn.
Debt: $5.60 bn.

President Edgar Lungu wants to improve Zambia's image and in May an African Union committee of ten foreign ministers (C10) will be in Lusaka to discuss United Nations Security Council reform. They will review the latest developments in the inter-governmental negotiations that began in 2009 in New York and C10's contribution.

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Sick man, sick opposition

As corruption scandals rage on, politicians contest their parties' future leaderships

With his main rival, Michael Sata, in emergency care in South Africa, Zambia's President Levy Mwanawasa is firmly in charge of his country. Sata suffered a heart attack on 25 April...

The stand against Mugabe

Western dignitaries and intelligence operatives race in and out of Lusaka, pushing for a solution to the Zimbabwe stalemate. President Levy Mwanawasa chairs the 14-member Southern ...

The Hillary effect

Zambia's first lady, Maureen Kakubo Mwanawasa, is seen as the power behind the throne of President Levy Mwanawasa, and many believe that he wants a third term in five years' time -...

Contractor controversy

Local contractors' frustration with the Chinese success story is growing

After a spate of high-profile contract awards, local contractors are accusing their Chinese competitors of using political influence and state subsidies from Beijing to dominate Za...

China, India and the vote

The three main presidential candidates show they are all aware of the importance of Asian investment to the country's future

Asia is looming large in Zambia's presidential elections, due on 30 October. This is partly because China and India have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Zambia's copp...

Investment and jobs

Old ties could lead to a bright future

Zambia's relations with India go back a century to colonial rule under Britain, when people from the subcontinent were recruited by the colonial authorities as civil servants and...

The copper clashes

Tension and recriminations continue to mark relations between Zambian workers and Chinese investors, two months after the end of a two-day strike at a US$200 million copper smeltin...

Copper-clad deals

Under opposition pressure, the government seeks better terms from the latest set of investors in its copper mines

The world price of copper has taken a tumble. Despite the talk of a never-ending Chinese-driven boom, the price of the metal on the London Metal Exchange has fallen by about 25% si...

Stop thief

British High Court Justice Peter Smith has found that ex-President Frederick Chiluba stole US$46 million of state funds from Zambia between 1991 and 2002 (AC Vol 46 No 20). In a 22...

Vultures over Lusaka

On 24 April, the London High Court ordered the Zambian government to pay US$15.5 million to a 'vulture fund'. Debt relief campaigners say the payment will undermine efforts to redu...

Displaying 101-110 out of 182 results.