Population: 15.02 mn.
GDP: 23.0 bn.
Debt: 4.3 bn.

After the death on 28 October 2014 of Michael Sata, a presidential by-election is to be held on 20 January. The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy and United National Independence Party are preparing for battle but the governing Patriotic Front is likely to benefit from its incumbency and also from the public's sympathy for the loss of its leader.

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  • Vol 43 No 19
  •  27th September 2002

Corruption club

Mwanawasa's anti-corruption claims are in doubt as evidence of election-rigging emerges

  • Vol 43 No 17
  •  30th August 2002

Looking for clues

Zambia's under-paid detectives are no match for the sophisticated networks built up by ex-President Frederick Chiluba. The taskforce on allegations of plunder by him (AC Vol 43 No 15) and his cronies is having trouble finding solid evidence and President ...

  • Vol 43 No 15
  •  26th July 2002

No immunity

Zambia's parliament voted unanimously on 16 July to lift ex-President Frederick Chiluba's immunity from prosecution. A criminal investigation will now open into those said to have benefited corruptly from his ten years in power, and if the courts uphold p...

  • Vol 43 No 14
  •  12th July 2002

Levy at war

As the new President fights the old crowd, even mattresses are weapons

  • Vol 43 No 12
  •  14th June 2002

Cobalt crunch

This week, Finance Minister Emmanuel Kasonde receives the final audit report explaining how Zambia lost at least US$60 million in a cobalt marketing agreement with Bahamas-based Metal Resources Group in 1998-99. The audit criticises MRG's contract with st...

  • Vol 43 No 9
  •  3rd May 2002

Who's got the money?

It still isn't clear just who won the election and who stole the cash

  • Vol 43 No 9
  •  3rd May 2002

Cobalt cash

An audit report will soon be released on how Zambia's state mining company lost as much as US$60 million exporting cobalt to the Bahamas-based Metal Resources Group. That was in President Frederick Chiluba's time and his critics want criminal charges pres...

  • Vol 43 No 6
  •  22nd March 2002

Levy's trials

President Levy Mwanawasa is at war with his predecessor, Frederick Chiluba, who resents his independent spirit. Chiluba, who is still President of the governing Movement for Multi-party Democracy, is fomenting a party revolt against Mwanawasa. In turn Mwa...

  • Vol 43 No 3
  •  8th February 2002

Levy limps in

Even if the courts confirm his election win, parliament can block the President

  • Vol 43 No 3
  •  8th February 2002

Down the mine, down the drain

Political troubles were overshadowed on 25 January, when Anglo American announced that it was pulling out of the Copperbelt less than two years after reinvesting there. Copper had been Zambia's main economic hope; the metal accounts for more than 60 per c...

Displaying 101-110 out of 144 results.