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Population: 19.47m
GDP: $22.15bn
Debt: 119.1% of GDP (2021)

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Lungu's media vendetta

The President is determined to keep an opposition-supporting newspaper off the streets, seemingly at any cost

President Edgar Lungu wishes to keep The Post, the newspaper and news website which is his declared opponent, closed until after the 11 August election, say sources close to State ...

Kaizar the kingpin

Presidential advisor Kaizar Zulu is the architect – or is blamed for – a ruthless re-election strategy

Most people in Lusaka see Kaizar Zulu merely as President Edgar Lungu's State House sidekick but as the top aide puts it himself, nobody gets to see his boss without his say-so. He...

A close political race gets angrier

The government has closed the leading independent newspaper which uncovered plans to rig next month's election

Credible claims of bias at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the suspicious inflation of the number of registered voters are heating up the campaign ahead of presidentia...


Not the last Post

Ahead of national elections on 11 August, the government has shut Post Newspapers, publisher of the country's biggest selling daily, claiming the company has failed to pay its taxe...

Lungu schemes to survive

In an unpredictable political landscape, the President is pulling out the stops to win the next elections

Elected by a narrow margin in January 2015 and presiding over an economy in free fall, President Edgar Lungu is trying to strengthen his position through constitutional amendments ...

Lungu hangs on

President Edgar Lungu told the International Monetary Fund delegation which left Lusaka on 3 December that he intended to call general elections well before they are due next Septe...

PF scrambles for support

As the copper price goes into free fall, the crisis in the governing party grows ever more severe

The latest rupture in the front ranks of the Patriotic Front came when former presidential aspirant Miles Sampa resigned as Deputy Commerce Minister at the end of October. On the s...

Wing and a prayer economics

Battered by rising debt and deficits as copper mines close, the government searches desperately for alternatives

Despite looming elections, a sliding copper price, critical power shortages, the world's worst performing currency and record borrowing costs, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda ...

The party rebrands for the polls

President Lungu wants to purge his party of its association with his predecessor but the plunging economy offers far bigger challenges

Under the growing influence of former President Rupiah Banda, President Edgar Lungu is turning the governing Patriotic Front away from the left-leaning legacy of the late Michael S...

Prosecuting the prosecutor

Some corruption cases could be dropped if the government succeeds in sacking its chief prosecutor Mutembo Nchito

Activists, oppositionists and now Western governments are alarmed at the Lusaka government's efforts to dismiss the suspended Director of Public Prosecutions, Mutembo Nchito. After...

Displaying 91-100 out of 286 results.