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Population: 16.59 mn.
GDP: $25.81 bn.
Debt: $17.09 bn.

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Troubled exit for Banda

Sata owes victory to the fear of a return to rampant corruption; he must also thank those who persuaded Banda not to rig the election

Rupiah Bwezani Banda was on the verge of declaring himself winner of the 20 September presidential poll after realising he had lost the elections to Michael Chilufya Sata’s Patriot...

Too little, too late

The President’s promise to fight corruption after the elections seems to have convinced neither diplomats nor voters

While publicly condemning corruption, President Rupiah Bwezani Banda gave United States diplomats various explanations of why he could do little about it, according to US State Dep...

A vote about money

Largesse from the copper boom rather than good policies boosts the President’s chances in next month’s polls

The main challenger to President Rupiah Bwezani Banda in the elections he has called for 20 September is his arch-rival Michael Chilufya Sata: both agree that money will prove crit...

Banda brothers on the attack

President Banda remains favourite to win the elections but the ructions caused by his sons’ activism are chipping away at that margin of victory

President Rupiah Banda’s dismissal of his friend and campaign manager, Vernon Johnson Mwaanga, at the urging of his sons James and Henry, demonstrates their growing political weigh...

Sata rises in the west

The electoral fortunes of Michael Sata are improving, in what has become a two-horse presidential race. The conventional wisdom had been that Sata could not defeat President Rupiah...

Glencore connection

The serenity of Glencore’s Initial Public Offering on the Hong Kong and London Stock Exchanges remains undisturbed by revelations of inflated costs and transfer-pricing by Zambia’s...

Taxing problems for Zambia

Some US$66 million in tax revenue owed to the Treasury are missing, according to the mid-February report on Zambia published under the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative...

Banda on the backfoot

Despite a faster-growing economy, opposition parties are winning support by pushing nationalism

Facing growing dissatisfaction, President Rupiah Bwezani Banda and the governing Movement for Multiparty Democracy have a fight on their hands to win this year’s national elections...

Challenging Banda

President Rupiah Banda is facing an increasingly strong challenge in the upcoming elections since Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front (PF) made common cause with the United Party for Na...

Displaying 111-120 out of 235 results.