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Population: 21.14m
GDP: $29.87bn
Debt: 115.2% of GDP (2023)

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Dodgy defections

President Sata wants a parliamentary majority to match his executive power, and public funds are running out

The battle for control of parliament is on. President Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front insist there is no foul play behind the stream of defections from the formerly ruling Mov...

Towards a one-party state

President Sata wants the political control that eluded him in 2011 and also the parliamentary majority that will allow him to change the constitution

The governing Patriotic Front’s tactics are far from original. The PF’s attempts to dominate the media and gaol opponents hark back to the era of the one-party state under the Unit...

Succeeding Sata

If or when he stands down, many expect President Michael Sata to try to impose his choice of presidential candidate for the 2016 elections – widely thought to be Wynter Kabimba – o...

Kabimba looks ahead

Although the PF government is still trying to fulfil its economic promises, senior party figures are already looking forward to the 2016 polls

Zambia’s next elections are not until 2016 but Wynter Kabimba, the Justice Minister and Secretary General of the governing Patriotic Front, is positioning himself to succeed Presid...

Jobs on the roads

President Michael Sata’s promise to reduce mass employment is yet to be fulfilled. Although he has raised the necessary finance, public institutions are having trouble translating ...

Controversy over contracts

Irregularities in the award of multimillion-dollar telecommunications contracts to two Chinese companies lead to their cancellation

Reality replaces Sata’s rhetoric

On President Sata’s inaugural trip to China, Beijing’s former critic welcomed Chinese investment as long as it produces clear benefits for Zambia

In opposition, he lambasted the role of Chinese companies in the Zambian economy, but President Michael Chilufya Sata’s April state visit to China marked a point of closure on his ...

Collum Coal Mine takeover

The government finally takes action on the problems besetting the Chinese-owned mine – just after announcing Sata’s first official visit to Beijing

After declining previous invitations, on 15 February President Michael Chilufya Sata announced his maiden trip to China would finally take place in April. China has invited the Pre...

Displaying 131-140 out of 289 results.