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Population: 16.59 mn.
GDP: $25.81 bn.
Debt: $17.09 bn.

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Jobs on the roads

President Michael Sata’s promise to reduce mass employment is yet to be fulfilled. Although he has raised the necessary finance, public institutions are having trouble translating ...

Controversy over contracts

Irregularities in the award of multimillion-dollar telecommunications contracts to two Chinese companies lead to their cancellation

Reality replaces Sata’s rhetoric

On President Sata’s inaugural trip to China, Beijing’s former critic welcomed Chinese investment as long as it produces clear benefits for Zambia

In opposition, he lambasted the role of Chinese companies in the Zambian economy, but President Michael Chilufya Sata’s April state visit to China marked a point of closure on his ...

Collum Coal Mine takeover

The government finally takes action on the problems besetting the Chinese-owned mine – just after announcing Sata’s first official visit to Beijing

After declining previous invitations, on 15 February President Michael Chilufya Sata announced his maiden trip to China would finally take place in April. China has invited the Pre...

Big budget, big promises

The triumph of the bond issue and strong public spending plans may help revive a stagnant economy and the government’s political fortunes

One year after taking the helm, President Michael Chilufya Sata and his Patriotic Front (PF) face mounting pressure from electors upset at their apparent failure to deliver on ambi...

Ex-President Banda switches horses

The political landscape is changing and President Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front faces a new opponent. Having lost faith in his own party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, fo...

Sata takes on the judges

Controversy over the judiciary and a law suit over Zambian Airways show the PF and Banda still at war

President Michael Sata has sparked a political storm by forcing out Zambia’s most senior judge, Chief Justice Ernest Sakala, on 15 June. The opposition accuses Sata of politicising...

Mutembo's targets

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Mutembo Nchito, has his sights on Henry Banda, son of ex-President Rupiah Banda, over his role in the US$257 million sale of most of the Zamtel...

Displaying 81-90 out of 235 results.