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Population: 16.59 mn.
GDP: $25.81 bn.
Debt: $17.09 bn.

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Power struggle

Doubts about President Michael Sata’s health have heightened the power struggle in the governing Patriotic Front. The party’s focus is to ensure that Sata completes hi...

Sata sacks Kabimba

Bitter feuding in the Patriotic Front has led to dismissal of the President's preferred successor – from both party and government

President Michael Sata's shock dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and Secretary General of the governing Patriotic Front leaves the succession still unclear. After mou...

No laughing matter

The governing Patriotic Front (PF) was in barely-concealed turmoil during President Michael Sata's week-long absence in Israel for medical treatment. Yet at the cabinet meeting on ...

Sata speculation grows

Concern is growing for the President’s health and also for the impact on his party should he leave office prematurely

President Michael Sata's office announced on 22 June that he had flown to Israel for a 'working holiday', including meetings with President Shimon Peres. Yet Israeli media reported...

Fury over Vedanta

A foreign company’s comments sparked public and government anger in a far-reaching debate about mining policy and taxes

Calls for higher mining taxes are increasing and new audits are in progress after comments about Zambia by the Vedanta Resources Chairman, Anil Agarwal, caused outrage. On 9 June, ...

Sata health fears grow

President Michael Sata was flown to Johannesburg on 26 May after a sudden deterioration in his health, Africa Confidential has heard. He had been expected to open the Heroes' Natio...

Nevers on a Sunday

The evangelical cleric and leader of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, Nevers Mumba, is struggling amid strong criticism from senior members of his own party. MMD Vice-Preside...

Civil society under threat

Zambia has long boasted strong and independent institutions but the government has lately been riding roughshod over many of them

Zambian civil society was once one of the most effective on the continent. Mining unions played a key role in bringing down the one-party state and preventing President Frederick C...

The politics of health

President Sata’s physical condition is the factor on which all else hangs, especially the sharpening divisions in his party

Age and ill health will restrict President Michael Chilufya Sata’s public appearances this year, fuelling speculation that he will not be fit enough to contest the 2016 gener...

KCM on the back foot

With elections just two years ahead, the threat of job cuts unnerves the Lusaka government

Konkola Copper Mines, a subsidiary of Anil Agarwal's London-listed Vedanta Resources and Zambia’s second-largest copper producer, is having a rocky ride under the Patriotic F...

Displaying 71-80 out of 247 results.