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  • Vol 55 No 10
  •  16th May 2014

The ripples of OPL 245

Police and regulators are still investigating the consequences of Chief Dan Etete awarding himself an oil licence

  • Vol 54 No 20
  •  4th October 2013

Ibori's loot at stake

Southwark Crown Court witnessed a bizarre sight in late September when the former Governor of Delta State, James Onanefe Ibori, argued that property he had already admitted owning was not really his. Ibori was sentenced to 13 years in gaol for money-laund...

  • Vol 54 No 10
  •  10th May 2013

Diplomatic diversions

After President Kenyatta’s brief encounter with British Premier Cameron, both are preparing for more trouble over the International Criminal Court cases

  • Vol 54 No 10
  •  10th May 2013

Essential contact, the Cameron way

President Uhuru Kenyatta met British Prime Minister David Cameron briefly the morning before the London Conference on Somalia opened on 7 May. To Kenyatta’s Press Office, the encounter consisted of ‘bilateral talks’ but until Africa Confidential telephone...

  • Vol 54 No 10
  •  10th May 2013

Hassan Sheikh at the wheel

This year’s conference was more about pledging funds for reconstruction than summoning the world to applaud a stunning success

  • Vol 54 No 9
  •  26th April 2013

Progress but...

The follow-up to the 2012 London Conference on Somalia should be ‘a substantial conference with substantial outcomes’, said a senior British diplomat of the second London gathering, due on 7 May. Progress was praised but the deteriorating security situa...

  • Vol 54 No 4
  •  15th February 2013

British military aid for Sudan

The latest round of British military cooperation with Sudan under the aegis of its Defence Minister, General Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and war crimes, is coming under fire fr...

  • Vol 53 No 23
  •  16th November 2012

Sanctions bypass

China has quietly joined countries implementing sanctions against Khartoum, we hear. This may not reduce Beijing’s substantial arms exports to Khartoum but it is making life difficult for business people, Sudanese and others.

  • Vol 53 No 18
  •  7th September 2012

Monitoring on hold

Britain’s Department for International Development has taken no step towards setting up the Joint Financial Management Board promised at February’s London Conference on Somalia, Africa Confidential has discovered.

  • Vol 53 No 12
  •  8th June 2012

Faultlines in the foundations

As Western governments cut aid to Africa, private foundations run by politicians and business people take on an increasingly politicised role

Displaying 1-10 out of 90 results.