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Faultlines in the foundations

As Western governments cut aid to Africa, private foundations run by politicians and business people take on an increasingly politicised role

Private foundations such as those run by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and financier George Soros can marshal funds in Africa to rival the aid budgets of agencies such as the United...

Taking bribes seriously

The outgoing head of Britain’s Serious Fraud Office, Richard Alderman, has spoken out about the shortcomings of the British criminal justice system in relation to corporate crime...

Getting out of the bush

Accountants and managers at the BBC are calling time on the African service and cutting British influence on the continent

The British Broadcasting Corporation’s decision to eviscerate its highly successful African Service looks counterproductive. It is all the more surprising given that Africa is bein...

Martial music plays in London

Whispers of possible negotiations with Al Shabaab were drowned out by the drums of war

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) may have been hosting the London Conference on Somalia but there was no doubting that Downing Street was in the driving seat.

No great expectations

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s grand conference will bring together many parties but no one is forecasting a breakthrough

After two decades of political mayhem, Somalis and more perspicacious foreign diplomats are intensely sceptical about high-level conferences. Many approach the London Conference on...

BAE Systems’ fine dilemma

Confusion still surrounds British arms company BAE Systems’ failure to make its promised ex-gratia payment of £29.5 million (US$45.6 mn.) to Tanzania, as part of a global settlemen...

No EITI for UK

Britain is refusing to follow United States President Barack Obama in joining the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. Asked why Britain would not take part, even though ...

The radar scandal is back

After Westminster MPs lambast BAE over the radar saga, questions about the accountability of Tanzanian officials remain

Hearings in the British parliament over the £29.5 million (US$47 mn.) BAE Systems must pay Tanzania over the radar affair have revived questions about whether any Tanzanians, espec...

David meets Jacob

Accusations of corruption against police chiefs, plans for state interference with the media and innuendo about politicians compromised by business associates – British Prime Minis...

Displaying 51-60 out of 140 results.