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Who's spooking who?

Reports that British intelligence is training Sudan government spies raise awkward questions about policy following the 1 February release of a 244-page United Nations report detai...

Clay's feat

Whitehall's envoy breaks with eumphemism and talks straight on graft

British High Commissioner Edward Clay's poetic excursion into corruption busting has sparked an expected political storm. Less predictable has been the rapid unravelling of more co...

Au secours!

Commerce Minister Khalifa Sall amazed British business audiences in Belfast, Glasgow and London by saying he wanted Senegal to be 'saved' from the influence of Paris. More conventi...

Gerald's jeep

Britain's 23 July expulsion of senior Liberian diplomat Gerald Cooper is an early blow to President Charles Taylor's efforts to improve relations with the West.

Out of Africa

Peter Hain's appointment as Britain's Minister of State for Africa is likely to push African concerns a few notches higher up the Whitehall totem pole.

Diplomacy with attitude

The Labour government's ideas of an ethical foreign policy and activist diplomacy have met their toughest test in Africa's conflicts

British ministers talk boldly of 'militant humanitarianism' and 'defending civilians against terror'. They refer to Kosovo, but some African officials have asked their Western cou...

Whitehall's Africa team

After an eventful two years for politics and personalities, Africa is getting more space

Along with Washington and Paris, London is a key city for Africa specialists in diplomacy, academia and business but they break cover less often than their American and French coun...

Une autre entente II

The entente cordiale on Africa between London and Paris is warming up after Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and his French counterpart Hubert Védrine's double act in Accra and Abidja...

Spinning south

Conflicting reports have emerged about British former Trade and Industry Minister Peter Mandelson’s offer to help the African National Congress 1999 election campaign. The pr...

Displaying 111-120 out of 140 results.