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Population: 12.0 mn.
GDP: $6.77 bn.
Debt: $1.20 bn.

2015 is election year and President Alpha Condé has much to do to prove that he merits a second term. Campaigning is going to be hard and dirty – and likely along ethno-political lines. Ebola will recede further but the mining sector will not realise its full potential.

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Condé consolidates as opposition regroups

Street protests and complaints of electoral fraud are unlikely to shake the incumbent, who has strong diplomatic and commercial backing from abroad

Despite the opposition parties' simmering anger and protestors clashing with police this week in Conakry, President Alpha Condé looks set to hold on to his first round victory in t...

Condé's surprising knockout

'One Strike – Knockout!' That was the message from those who engineered President Alpha Condé's first round victory in the 11 October presidential election, with 57.9% of the...

Condé's shadowy foes

President Alpha Condé faces a growing barrage of attacks as presidential polling day looms on 11 October. So far, so normal, in a hotly-contested election except for an unusual lev...

Swiss probe in Conakry

An enquiry into Guinea's most notorious mining deal has been stepped up. Swiss investigators travelled to Conakry in July to interview key witnesses in the Simandou mining rights c...

Whose line is it anyway?

Two major mining companies are locked in combat over access to the railway line to export iron ore

The giant iron and steel producer ArcelorMittal has dragged Guinea and Liberia into its quarrel with Sable Mining over access to the rail export route. The line runs from Yekepa, i...

The Sampil truth

Questions remain about the nature of Sable Mining’s relationship with the government of President Alpha Condé.

Questions remain about the nature of Sable Mining’s relationship with the government of President Alpha Condé. How an inexperienced iron ore mining company with limited cash manage...

Condé pushes for new mine

The President wants at least one new mining project up and running by the time of this year’s presidential election

In his haste to make new mining deals with Chinese bauxite companies, President Alpha Condé has stepped on some toes, including those of the British government.

Massacre? Moi?

January saw the birth of a new party – Forces patriotiques pour la démocratie et le développement (FPDD). The similarity to the name the last military junta gave itself, the Consei...

A dream deferred

The economic slowdown, low steel demand and law suits block the development of the world’s largest iron ore deposit

Potential can be a heavy burden. That is the feeling in Conakry as President Alpha Condé and his advisors watch the prospects of economic development financed by minerals re...

Never give it up

Tycoon Beny Steinmetz is using every device he can to contest the Conakry government's decision to take away his iron-ore mining licence. Steinmetz, who is under investigation, alo...

Displaying 1-10 out of 120 results.