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Population: 13.53m
GDP: $16.09bn
Debt: 37.2% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Reform gives way to politics

Convening Parliament might take debate off the streets but it won’t heal divisions. A weak metals markets will delay resolution of mining disputes

Guinea completed the transition to democracy late last year, when it confirmed its first elected National Assembly in over a decade (AC Vol 54 No 21, Troubled polls favour Cond&eac...

New plans for Simandou

After China Power's alumina refinery deal in September, Chinalco and Rio Tinto plan to start production at the giant iron-ore mine

China Power Investment, which plans to build an alumina refinery at Boffa in western Guinea, is on the verge of succeeding where many other companies have failed or given up. A dea...

Troubled polls favour Condé

The general elections look to have saved the President’s skin by providing no overall winner but the opposition is crying foul

Guinea’s long-awaited and long-delayed elections may well have produced a National Assembly with no party in control. That means disappointment for the opposition and deep re...

Dodgy dialogue

The UN-sponsored mediation between the bitterly opposed parties over elections proceeds in fits and starts, much like the mining situation

Saïd Djinnit, the Algerian United Nations Special Representative for West Africa, is just about keeping the political dialogue on track between the government, its supporters ...

Keeping Simandou on track

The key missing element in the Simandou project is not good will but a strong market for steel and finance to support the Trans-Guinea Railway

President Alpha Condé’s advisor and friend, the financier and philanthropist George Soros, hosted a meeting on 17 June to celebrate agreement that the development of t...

Condé takes on Steinmetz

The President claims mining interests lie behind the increasingly effective opposition campaign in Conakry

President Alpha Condé has escalated his government’s row with Geneva-based Beny Steinmetz Group Resources over the legitimacy of its stake in the Simandou iron ore mine.

The fight for Mount Simandou

Mining houses, politicians, lawyers and lobbyists have joined the battle for control of one of the richest iron-ore mines in the world

The latest round of courtroom battles in the West and arrests in Conakry have one certain result: that the plans to invest US$10 billion to produce iron ore from the giant Simandou...

Condé’s rainbow fades away

His election brought expectations of an end to impunity, corruption and poverty but support has leached away and now civil unrest is taking hold

Two years after President Alpha Condé came to office, the promise of a new era of accountability and transparency now lies in the ruins of police shootings, arson and ethnic violen...

Shocks and ore bodies

This year, President Alpha Condé has consistently attempted to reassure investors that major projects, especially in mining, will go ahead as planned. ‘We are doing our best to hel...

Torture in the dock

The trial of soldiers accused of attempting to assassinate President Alpha Condé is not going well for the prosecution. The principal defendant, an officer called Alpha Oumar Boffa...

Displaying 61-70 out of 165 results.