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Population: 13.53m
GDP: $16.09bn
Debt: 37.2% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Condé’s great giveaway

A government partner is handing over major stakes in the Simandou contracts to Chinese state-owned firms

Despite support from groups like George Soros’s Open Society Institute, President Alpha Condé’s government persists in striking troublesome mining deals. The government and the Afr...

Condé wants quick results

Five-year plans, inspired and financed by China, are winning support in Conakry as pressure mounts on the government

Officials from the China Development Bank (CDB) are offering to finance a substantial part of the Conakry government’s US$8.6 billion overhaul of mining and industrial infratructur...

Condé talks to rivals

Regional diplomacy has dampened down another political confrontation as the President tries to relaunch the mineral-rich economy

The parliamentary elections due on 29 December have been postponed until early next year following a meeting between President Alpha Condé and opposition leaders on 15 November und...

Palace plotters

Since the assassination attempt in July, President Alpha Condé has shut himself up in the Sékoutouréyah palace behind a massive guard, some trained by his ally, President Blaise Co...

Condé to look at Dahdaleh case

President Alpha Condé is being consulted about bringing charges against any Guinean nationals who may have taken bribes from Victor Dahdaleh, a former senior Guinean official told ...

Presidential guard fall out

The two armed attacks on President Alpha Condé that claimed three lives on the night of 19 July are part of the struggle between old and new members of the Presidential Guard for c...

Condé drives a hard bargain

Before parliamentary elections in November, the government is rewriting the mining code and reviewing contracts

Beyond the bonhomie and the stream of foreign dignitaries trooping to see President Alpha Condé in Conakry, evidence is emerging of grand corruption in public works and mining cont...

Tough questions for Condé

The suppression of an opposition rally and concerns about the anti-corruption team raise doubts about Condé’s commitment to reform

President Alpha Condé averted the risk of opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo receiving a massive welcome on his return to Conakry on 3 April by the simple expedient of banning ...

Displaying 81-90 out of 165 results.