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Population: 12.72 mn.
GDP: $10.49 bn.
Debt: $1.49 bn.

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Alpha Condé

President of the Republic of Guinea

Betting on Boffa

The government is negotiating the biggest-ever mining contract with a state-owned Chinese company, while another deal gets downsized

President Alpha Condé’s new government has been investigating the capacity of one of China’s large state-owned construction companies during the last few months. A June trip to Chi...

Minding the mines

President Condé called off mining contract reviews but will move to take a one-third share of all mining projects

Mining investors are bracing for a long battle. On 24 January, new President Alpha Condé backtracked on promises to review mining contracts, saying that the government would instea...

Over the new rainbow

Election winner Alpha Condé’s promise of national reconciliation is put to the test as his opponents’ supporters take their disputes to the street

The first test started within hours of the announcement on 15 November of the victory of Alpha Condé in the second round of the presidential election with 52.5%, when supporters of...

Condé’s hard won victory

It has taken Alpha Condé three attempts, a long battle with military regimes and incarceration and torture by one of them to win his country’s presidency. Condé was born in 1938 in...

Odds now on Condé

Former Prime Minister Cellou Dalein Diallo is no longer the favourite to win the second round of the presidential elections, due on 24 October, after several sackings at the Commis...

Election delays and doubts

The sudden postponement of the 19 September second round of the presidential election raises fresh doubts about the military’s commitment to handing over power and the prospect of ...

Displaying 81-90 out of 156 results.