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Population: 15.42m
GDP: $25.45bn
Debt: 35.1% of GDP (2024)

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Democratic moves after the exit of Dadis

The shooting of the former junta leader, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, has triggered his exile and fresh talks about elections this year

After hours of bitter negotiation in Burkina Faso, soldiers from the junta and their civilian counterparts have agreed on a plan that will bar all members of the ruling Conseil Nat...

Who's who in the junta and beyond

General Sékouba Konaté had tried to escape the corridors of power during the 2008 coup but destiny caught up with him a year later, following the December 2009 shooting of Captain ...

More contracts as the vote looms

Despite the impending transition to civil rule, the military regime has signed a mega-contract with the China Hyway Group for housing and roads

As political candidates and generals were locked in negotations about the second round of the presidential elections due by the end of October, interim President General Sékouba Ko...

China Hyway Group’s mines-for-roads deal

In return for huge investments in housing and roads, the China Hyway Group has asked for several mining permits that would give it access to at least five bauxite deposits: those ...

And the winner is...the CIF

The shadowy China International Fund believes that its political contacts will protect its deals after the election

The continuing power of Mines Minister Mahmoud Thiam and the prospect that he will wield influence after the second round of the presidential elections next month is good news fo...

CIF sitting pretty in Guinea

As one of the anchors in the proposed trans-Guinea railway, the China International Fund may consider its position in Guinea unassailable. However, the Bellzone/CIF deal is alrea...

Building an improbable railway

There are two big problems with the new deal between the China International Fund and the small Australian mining company Bellzone announced in Conakry on 24 May to mine iron ore i...

More ore, more problems

A US$3.3 million loan offered by the China International Fund has drawn renewed criticism of the company’s activities in Guinea. On 1 March, Abdoulaye Yéro Baldé, a member of Mouve...

The junta rewards new friends

Conakry begins stripping foreign companies of mining and oil assets for its Chinese partners as those partners turn towards Zimbabwe

While some were left asking if the US$7 billion deal signed by the China International Fund and its sister company China Sonangol International in early October had actually been a...

Displaying 111-120 out of 166 results.