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Population: 12.72 mn.
GDP: $10.49 bn.
Debt: $1.49 bn.

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Trade union truce

The political truce which greeted President Lansana Conté's appointment of Lansana Kouyaté as Prime Minister will be short-lived unless there is a speedy transfer of ...

Conté goes another round

The appointment of a presidential ally as new prime minister has worsened the confrontation on the streets

More than 60 deaths during the January general strike failed to soften President Lansana Conté who is embroiled in another - perhaps terminal - round of confrontation with h...

The strike that shook Conté

As tensions rise, both the President and his civilian opponents will lose if the military launches a coup d'état

Union strikers and opposition demonstrators have secured a tactical victory against President Lansana Conté's regime after three weeks of protests, during which, in January,...

Two peas in a pod

El Hadj Mamadou Sylla, a businessman, and Fodé Soumah, formerly Deputy Governor of Guinea's Central Bank, vigorously protest their innocence of the corruption charges pendin...

Bad moon rising

A general strike launched by two trades unions, the Confédération Nationale des Travilleurs de Guinée and Union Syndicale des Travailleurs de Guinée, on...

Countdown for Conté

After almost a week of 'medical checks' in Switzerland, President Lansana Conté's quiet return on 17 August was marked only by a brief statement, without pictures, on state ...

Starting guns

The new government has started by shooting school children. On 12 June, five died in Conakry, two in Nzérékoré, some 970 kilometres south-east of the capital, ...

At the sick bed

Fodé Bangoura is preparing for the presidency. In April, he helped the ailing President Lansana Conté to oust Premier Cellou Dallein Diallo and eleven other ministers...

Who's in charge here?

A sick president, a one-day government, a broken economy. What next?

Nobody seems to be in charge of Guinea. The authority of the state and the economy of the world's second largest bauxite producer (after Australia) have steadily dwindled since Pre...

Displaying 111-120 out of 135 results.