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Population: 12.72 mn.
GDP: $10.49 bn.
Debt: $1.49 bn.

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How the Sino-Angolan alliance works

The China International Fund (CIF) was born in the aftermath of Angola's civil war as the Luanda government embarked on Africa's costliest post-war reconstruction, fuelled by oil...

Contract confusion

The junta leader Captain Moussa Dadis Camara's order that all mining licences are subject to immediate revocation if the government does not approve of their development plans ha...

The new Conakry order

Despite a show of insouciance after December's putsch led by Captain Moussa Dadis Camara in Conakry, China's diplomats and business leaders are closely watching the new regime's po...

Towards Mali

Last week's discovery of a consignment of weapons in a car en route to Mali raises yet more questions about corruption and divisions within Guinea's security forces. A team of gend...

Iron ore, jaw-jaw

A tempting iron ore deposit on the Liberian border triggers fierce rivalries, national and international

The shock must have been great when mining giant Rio Tinto was told on 4 August that it had just lost its greatest potential asset, the gigantic Simandou iron ore concession. The ...

Once more the President's man

A consensus premier is fired and the old guard’s man gets the job

He was supposed to be a consensus Prime Minister but he did not last long. Lansana Kouyaté, appointed in February 2007, after bloodshed and strikes had almost toppled President Lan...

King Bauxite

Known as the Bauxite King, Victor Dahdaleh is at the centre of a US case in which the Gulf State of Bahrain accuses him and the US company Alcoa of running a conspiracy involving...

One Conakry, two Lansanas

Rivalries between the President and his Prime Minister are exacerbating discontent within the trade unions and the military

The army stands in the wings, looking suspiciously at the government of the ailing President Lansana Conté, while Conté looks suspiciously at his 'consensus' Prime Mi...

Ordinary rendition

A diplomatic storm is brewing as Mozambican police crack down on West Africans they accuse of being illegal miners. The formal tone of a letter from the Mozambican High Commission ...

Dam payment

President Conté's ministers are the latest African team to negotiate a massive minerals-for-infrastructure countertrade deal

Officials from Guinea’s Ministry of Mines are due in Beijing to negotiate a US$21 billion countertrade deal to swap bauxite and iron ore concessions for investments in dams, roads,...

Displaying 101-110 out of 137 results.