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Population: 13.53m
GDP: $10.49 bn.
Debt: $1.49 bn.

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The war moves north

Burkina and Liberia's warlords take aim at President Conté's rickety regime

As the war slows down in Sierra Leone, it is heating up in Guinea. In essence, it's the same war. The Liberian and Burkinabè sponsors of the Revolutionary United Front are m...

An election foretold

There is evidence of wide-ranging attempts to rig the forthcoming elections

By fair means or foul, President and General Lansana Conté is determined to 'win' the 14 December elections. His impressive opponents, who include a World Bank economist, a ...

Curbing the press

Security officials around President Lansana Conté are cracking down ahead of the presidential election scheduled for December, when their man and his Parti de l’ Unité et du Progrè...

Displaying 161-163 out of 163 results.